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Our mission is to find and share ways to make bread better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet.

Photo by Chris Young / realbreadcampaign.org CC-BY-SA 4.0

Photo by Chris Young / realbreadcampaign.org CC-BY-SA 4.0

The Real Bread Campaign is run by the charity Sustain: The alliance for better food and farming,

We want everyone to have the chance to choose Real Bread

Our mission is to find and shares ways to make bread better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet.

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Our work

The Real Bread Campaign was co-founded by Sustain and Andrew Whitley of Bread Matters and officially launched on 26 November 2008.

Our universally-accessible defintion of bread is simply that it is made without any so-called 'processing aids' or other additives.

From this starting point we:

More generally, we:

  • Run an international supporter network to unite everyone who bakes, or simply loves, Real Bread. Sharing the pleasures and benefits of locally-baked Real Bread over what we see as adulterated imitations
  • Challenge examples of what we see as misleading marketing of industrial/supermarket loaves
  • Help to raise awareness of issues around additives and hidden 'processing aids'
  • Champion the cause of more research into issues of health and nutrition (including digestibility, intolerance, allergy and GI) to establish factors that could have a beneficial effect (such as longer fermentation, the use of sourdough, and wheat breeding) and lead to more people being able to eat Real Bread

Our activities

  • Sharing the many values of Real Bread that have been lost in the quest for an ever cheaper loaf at the cost of all other considerations
  • Networking to bring farmers, millers, bakers and bread lovers closer together to create tighter food webs and support each other in making Real Bread available in their local communities; Real Bread bakers and other educators in sharing their skills, experience, passion and knowledge with children, caterers, professional and home bakers
  • Campaigning for: bread production that gives paramount importance to nourishment, flavour, digestibility and sustainability; support for local food systems, agricultural diversity and participatory plant breeding to enhance nutritional quality and local resilience
  • Lobbying for Real Bread values to be supported by policies covering education, training, food labelling, nutritional guidelines, nutritional and agricultural research

Our supporters

You don't have to be a baker to join the Campaign!

Though many people who support us are professional bakers, the majority do so because they share our love for Real Bread and concern for obstacles to its rise and want to support our charity's work.

For many years we have received no grants or other funding for the Campaign, meaning we mainly rely on annual supporter contributions, doughnations and income generated by Real Bread gifts.

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NB Our Real Bread Map is a service we offer free of charge to shoppers and Real Bread bakers. Inclusion is independent of being a Campaign supporter.

Our co-founder

Drawing upon setting up and running The Village Bakery Melmerby (one of Britain’s first organic bakeries) for 25 years, Andrew Whitley is author of books including the seminal Bread Matters, which won the Andre Simon Food Book Award in 2006. Andrew also won the judges' special prize at the BBC Food and Farming Awards 2011.

Andrew is co-founder of Bread Matters bakery school and consultancy; and of Scotland The Bread, working to relocalise the country’s loaf life based around heritage grains, sustainable farming and Real Bread bakers.

Our official ambassadors

The Real Bread Campaign encourages everyone in our international supporter network not only to champion Real Bread, but also to promote the values and work of the Campaign.

From this netwrk we invite people to volunteer to fly the flag harder and higher as official Campaign ambassadors

Staff and volunteers

Since March 2009 the Campaign has been coordinated by Chris Young, who began as a volunteer after attending a course run by Andrew Whitley in November 2008.

Chris draws on the knowledge and expertise of the Campaign’s network of supporters and friends for advice, guidance and practical help. He relies upon Sustain colleagues for management, finance, design and IT support. He is assisted by part-time volunteers and advised by a working party of people with relevant knowledge and expertise by experience.

Chris reports to Sustain’s management team of Sarah Williams, Kath Dalmeny and Ben Reynolds.

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Social media

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Real Bread Campaign supporters have access to The Real Baker-e, our forum hosted by Facebook.


If you'd like to get in touch, please email realbread@sustainweb.org

Please note that the Campaign coordinator only works at Sustain three days a week, usually Monday to Wednesday, and cannot guarantee same day replies - sometimes he's only able to clear out the inbox once a week.

For media queries only, you can email Campaign coordinator Chris Young: chris@sustainweb.org

Chris will try to give a same day response to media queries received Monday to Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday a Sustain colleague might be able to help, though none works on bread, so might well have to redirect you. Perhaps one of our official campaign ambassadors could help?

Campaign cofounder Andrew Whitley works closely with Sustain but not for the charity. He can be contacted at Bread Matters.

How we are funded

Since June 2013, the only income that Sustain has received to enables us to keep running the Real Bread Campaign is from:

We knead your dough!

Currently, Sustain is only able to staff the Campaign on a part-time basis - one member of dedicated staff, three days a week.

YOU can help to change that by supporting us in one of the ways above.

We also continue to work to secure additional income from by applying for charitable grants.

Past sources of income

  • The Big Lottery's Local Food programme provided 80% of the funds needed to run the Real Bread Campaign from July 2009 to June 2013
  • Sheepdrove Trust gave us an annual grant from July 2009 to June 2013


As part of the charity Sustain: The alliance for better food and farming, the Real Bread Campaign is independent from the agri-food industry.

In line with Sustain's general policy, the Campaign does not accept funding from any source which would compromise, or even appear to compromise, the alliance’s principles.

The Real Bread Campaign does not endorse or promote any one Real Bread bakery, baker, course, publication or organisation over another.

Supporter network
You don't need to be a baker to join us! Everyone can become a Campaign supporter, either as an individual or as a representative of a company or other organisation.

Real Bread Map listing
Inclusion in our Real Bread Map is solely dependent on the product shown being what we define as Real Bread. A listings there, on our events calendar, courses or any other pages of our site does not necessarily imply endorsement.

In line with Sustain policy, the Real Bread Campaign accepts no sponsorship from profit making organisations in the food and farming sector. The only money accepted from such companies/organisations are standard supporter payments in return for standard benefits.

Campaign logos
If a Campaign supporter chooses to display our 'proud to support...' badge, it simply signifies just that - they support the Campaign. The appearance of our supporter badge is not an assurance that Real Bread standards are being met.

For details of our separate Real Bread Loaf Mark scheme, please click here.

Statement of diversity, equality and inclusion

We are working on this and plan to publish it in April 2021.

In the meantime, you can read Sustain’s commitment to tackling racial injustice in the food system

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