Presents for the loaf lover in your life…or yourself.

Some of the Real Bread gifts available

Some of the Real Bread gifts available

Someone you know gets something they like, you tick it off your to-do list and the charity behind the Real Bread Campaign gets some dough – win, win, win!

Slow Dough: Real Bread

Our first recipe book includes around 90 recipes for genuine sourdough and other long-ferment Real Breads.

If you live in the UK, buying the book direct from us (rather than, say, a tax avoiding online store) means our charity receives more of what you pay to help fund our work.

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Gift subscription

For just £25, that special someone will not only receive four issues of our magazine, True Loaf, they'll also be eligible for the full range of supporter benefits, including discounts on ingredients, equipment and classes.

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Real Bread t-shirts, aprons, mugs

Exclusive designs, made to order by Balcony Shirts for every Real Bread lover proudly to proclaim their passion.

Balcony Shirts make a doughnation to Sustain for each one sold.

Limited-edition designs will also be available, usually for Real Bread Week and Sourdough September.

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UFO lame

Etched with The Real Bread Loaf Mark, this distinctive, circular, dough-scoring lame/grignette is designed and crafted from solid American black walnut by Tyler Cartner (AKA Wire Monkey) in his tiny workshop in Connecticut.

Each comes with one Feather brand Hi-Stainless, platinum-coated, double-edged, Japanese razor blade, allowing skilled bakers to score creative dough designs.

Mister Monkey makes a doughnation to Sustain for each one sold.

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Wire Monkey ships worldwide, or you can buy from official resellers in these countries:

Baking box

Britain Loves Baking has launched the Small Bread Bread Box and company founder Greg will make a doughnation of £1 to the Real Bread Campaign for each one sold.

The mail-order kit contains pre-weighed ingredients and step-by-step instructions to make two loaves each of: rosemary and olive garlic focaccia, foolproof crusty French baguettes, Tuscan polenta bread, and walnut sultana and cinnamon bread. The box is £17, or £22 with a copy of the Don’t Waste A Crumb: No Waste Baking and Cooking booklet.

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Presents for the loaf lover in your life…or yourself


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