The Real Bread Campaign changed my life!

And other stories.

Bringing people together at BATCH: Edinburgh by Chris Young / CC-BY-SA 4.0

Bringing people together at BATCH: Edinburgh by Chris Young / CC-BY-SA 4.0

Okay, so in most cases 'changed my life' is a bit of an exaggeration, but here are just some of the ways in which people have benefitted from what we do.

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Real Bread Week

“[We] had our busiest Saturday of the year in the Bakehouse.” Simon Cobb, Stoneham Bakehouse

“We had a lovely Real Bread Week! Your beautiful posters caused a stir in the village…” Lucie Steel, Birch Bread

“I enjoyed sharing my first bread with friends and family - cannot wait to spread the love of good bread. Thanks for campaigning for this.” Cécile Della Torre

“The kids all had a great time and did a great job buttering and spreading!!” Melanie Nichols, More Than Grandparents

Sourdough September

“It really helped with promoting our microbakery,  as we only launched six months ago, improved our confidence in baking and allowed us to meet lots of great people in person and online." Lesley Lloyd, One Mile Bakery Pontardawe, Wales

“Although I made sourdough for family and friends, I never quite got the oomph to make a batch for my bakery customers. Thanks to Sourdough September, I got up the courage to do my first batch of sourdough bread today for sale.” Douglas Muir, London Road Craft Bakery


"I’ve just read the BBC article on sourdough vs sourfaux. As a baker’s yeast allergy sufferer, I’m on your side in your fight to protect the definition. Aside from getting ill because they don’t label it properly, it wastes my time while I wait for uninformed staff to get the accurate ingredient list. I think it’s really important that the definition is protected to protect allergy sufferers. Thank you, keep up the good work."

Knead to Know

"Knead to Know  is a regular reference and reassurance book.  It provides me with advice and accounts of other bakers' experiences.."

"I keep returning to those pages to remind myself that I need a coherent message to go with what everybody says is great bread.  It's just so practical having advice on all aspects of setup in one simple book."

"I have recommended it to my friends, and it has inspired me to take the huge step into baking commercially."

Other / general

"I joined the Real Bread Campaign as soon as it began, because it echoed my feelings about the dire state of bread in the UK at the time. The advice available, and an opportunity to meet established bakers, was second to none, inspiring me to bake my own bread at home for myself at first, then for friends. Nearly 10 years later, I now happily own and run a small commercial bakery business, supplying local shops, restaurants and regular individual customers. Yes, the Real Bread Campaign certainly changed my life, and for the better." Gareth Roberts, Amazing Grains, Olney, Bucks.

“Thanks for all you do, you're a hero...” Marc Rawcliffe, Pain de Dilay, Coulonges-Sur-L'Autize, France

"[The Uprising] was an incredibly well organised event - and we've been to many that are not so well done Chris, brilliant work."

 “Of course we should know what’s in the bread we eat. The Real Bread Campaign’s call for better labelling legislation will also help small, local bakeries to thrive.” Prue Leith

"As a baker developing good gluten free bread I appreciate the companionship of good bakers and the culture of baking Real Bread."

"[I value] feeling part of a growing community or movement that is making a small, but real change in people's lives."

"[The Campaign produces] great resources to share with other like minded people."

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