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You don't need to be a baker to join us!

Supporter packages start from LESS THAN £2 A MONTH!!

The Campaign is part of the food and farming charity Sustain and relies upon YOUR help to be able to keep going.

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Why support us?

The Campaign is part of a charity and two key things from our side are that:

  • Though the fee each supporter pays is SMALL, together they make a BIG contribution to allowing us to continue.
  • You become a part of a mutually-supportive network who pusing for the rise of Real Bread at the hearts of our local communities.

What we do with your dough

The main new project for which we now need bread is Together We Rise, a new project to help people living with mental health issues, and some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people facing social exclusion, to benefit from the therapeutic, social and employment opportunities offered by Real Bread making. You can read our plans here.

Our work also includes:

  • Coordinating the mutually-supportive Real Bread community of professional bakers, microbakers, Community Supported Bakers and many more people who care about the state of modern loaf life
  • Facilitating The Real Baker-e online forum
  • Media work to raise awareness of the rise of Real Bread and the people championing local loaves
  • Pointing out what we see as problems all along the chain from seed to sandwich that highlight the ongoing need for our work

You can read highlights of our success to date, which we could not have achieved without the practical and financial assistance from our supporters, here.

Benefits for you

The main benefit of becoming a Real Bread Campaign supporter is being part of the only network dedicated to championing the rise of Real Bread in our local communities and the people who bake it.

But if it's stuff you're interested in, then we've got a doozy for you: more than 100 offers on classes, ingredients, equipment and more that we've secured from nice people to help us say 'thank you'.


...but that's not all!

You'll also get:

  • Four issues of True Loaf, our exclusive, full colour magazine, each year
  • 10-33% off the cover prices of our books Slow Dough: Real Bread and Knead to Know
  • Eligibility for frequent prize competitions
  • Access to The Real Baker-e online forum, for which around 800 of your fellow supporters have registered to ask for and share ideas and information, as well as engage in general bready chat.
  • Updates on funding opportunities that are of benefit to bready community projects, social enterprises and small businesses

Professional Real Bread bakers can also:

  • take advantage of The Real Bread Loaf Mark scheme
  • rest assured that they're helping support the ONLY organisation dedicated to championing Real Bread and the bakeries making it, and challenging the not so great things getting in the way of its rise.


NB Even if joining on behlaf of a business/organisations, only the named supporter will receive the benefits - discounts, the magazine, access to our forum etc. If more than one person from your business/organisation wants to receive them, they will each need to join in their own right.

Supporter levels

Annual Real Bread Campaign support packages start from LESS THAN £2 A MONTH!!

For an annual 10% discount you simply need to choose to pay by annual subscription. As this payment goes automatically each year, it also save you having to remember to renew your support.

We leave it up to you to decide at which level you will support our charity, but if you run a  business we urge you to choose one that reflects its turnover.

We also ask that you encourage your staff to support us as individuals, so that they can each get the various benefits themselves.

Entry level

As we welcome EVERYONE, we have set Level 1 support at £22.50*, which works out to less than £2 a month, and we haven't changed our rates since 2009!

We encourage business owners and representatives of orgainsations to join at a higher level and/or encouraging their staff members/volunteers to join as well. Even if you're joining in your own name, please consider choosing a higher level of support if you're able.

NB This is really intended for individuals, though we welcome representatives from businesses below the VAT threshold and not-for-profits to join at this level.

* £25 if you choose not to set up a subscription.

Higher levels

As we're the only organisation fighting the corner for Real Bread we think it's fair to ask for a teensy, weensy bit more from the larger companies that benefit directly and indirectly from our work.

Even if you don't make your dough from bread, perhaps you feel willing and able to make a slightly larger contribution to our charity, which even at the highest level works out to less than £9 a month.

From time to time, we have offers only available to people who support us at these higher levels.

Our discounted rates

To take advantage of this 10% discount each year, you simply need to pay by annual subscription online.

Supporter level Discounted rate
Level 1 £22.50
Level 2 £45
Level 3 £67.50
Level 4 £99

Full rates

If you'd prefer not to set up a subscription, the rates are £25, £50, £75 and £110, respectively.

You also have the option of supporting London Food Link at the same time, saving 25% off the usual rate for our sister network.

How did you hear about the Real Bread Campaign?

When you join us, where it asks 'where did you hear about us?' please note the name of the bakery, friend, magazine/newspaper or whatever/whoever pointed you our way. This helps us to know which ways of promoting our charity work best.

This is new and in the future we hope to be able to run prize draws for new Campaign supporters who complete this box and existing supporters who made the recommendation!

Competition prizes

We organise frequent competitions for Real Bread Campaign supporters and to date, we have given away thousands of pounds worth of prizes.

Some appear in True Loaf, others only in The Real Baker-e. For details of current competitions click here.

Last updated 2013

Sorry - we gave up updating this a few years back but continue to have great prize draws etc throughout the year...

Here are just some of the hundres of pounds worth of prizes we've given away to Real Bread Campaign supporters so far:

  • All You Knead is Bread by Jane Mason: Ryland Peters & Small
  • American bread slicer:
  • Bakery apprenticeship night with Aidan Chapman: The Phoenix Bakery
  • Bethesdabasics (book): Bethesdabakers
  • Bread bag: Bud & Blossom
  • Bread making course with Andrew Whitley: Bread Matters
  • Bread making class with Gordon Woodcock: Tracebridge Sourdough
  • Bread making class with Dan Lepard: The Cookery School
  • Bread making class with Aidan Chapman: The Phoenix Bakery
  • Bread making class with Aidan Chapman: River Cottage
  • Bread making class with Paul Barker: Cinnmon Square
  • Bread making class with Michael Hanson: The Brook Bakery School
  • Bread making class with Guy Moore: The Cookery School at Braxted Park
  • Bread making kit: The School of Artisan Food
  • Bread Revolution by Duncan Glendinning and Patrick Ryan: Murdoch Books
  • The Cake & Bake Show (2 tickets)
  • Dough by Richard Bertinet: The Bertinet Kitchen
  • Dough and Crust by Richard Bertinet: The Bertinet Kitchen
  • Dried yeast (36 tins): Doves Farm
  • English Bread and Yeast Cookery by Elizabeth David: Grub Street
  • European baking class with Emanuel Hadjiandreou: The School of Artisan Food
  • The Fabulous Baker Brothers by Tom and Henry Herbert: Headline
  • Flour (6 x 1.5kg): Marriages
  • Handmade bread board: Woods World Wide by Williams
  • How to Make Bread by Emanuel Hadjiandreou: Ryland, Peters & Small
  • No Need to Knead by Suzanne Dunaway: Grub Street
  • Real Bread bakery kit:
  • Real Bread starter kit: Hobbs House Bakery
  • The Real Food Festival (2 VIP tickets)
  • Scandilicious Baking by Signe Johansen: Saltyard Books
  • Short & Sweet by Dan Lepard: The 4th Estate

If you'd like to donate a prize please contact us.

We promote competitions in True Loaf (our quarterly magazine that goes to around 1500 of the most passionate real breadheads in the land), Breadcrumbs (our monthly enewsletter to our wider network of around 9000 friends), The Real Baker-e online forum, as well as to our many thousands of Twitter and Facebook followers.

Non-UK residents

We love connecting with Real Bread lovers outside Britain and welcome your support for our work here!

We have supporters in more than 20 countries.

As a supporter outside the UK, you can:

  • Join the Real Bread chat in The Real Baker-e forum
  • Download the PDF version of our True Loaf magazine*
  • Enter competitions**
  • Take advantage of discounts on classes if you visit the UK

* If you're able to supply a UK address we can post a paper copy there instead.

**Prizes are almost all UK based - either classes in the UK or physical items (books, equipment etc.) that the donors will only post to UK addresses. 

We would LOVE to hear from companies willing to offer discounts to Campaign supporters outside the UK!

Is there a Real Bread Campaign in my part of the world?

When we hear from an organisation outside the UK that appears to have similar aims and values to ours, we add their details here.

You can also join the #RealBread conversation on Twitter and use our Facebook page to try to connect Real Bread lovers closer to where you are.

See also: How do I start a Real Bread Campaign in my country?

Member, supporter or friend?

June 2014

You might notice that in some places on this site we refer to Campaign members, rather than Campaign supporters.

This is simply because that's what we used to call our supporters and we're still working on updating various bits of our website.


As a supporter, you are part of a wider network of people who champion what we do or demonstrate their interest by subscribing to our mailing list or social media feeds.

This larger group of people are our friends.

So, all of our supporters are our friends, though not all of our friends support us by sending dough on a regular basis.

Why the change?

Sustain networks are making the change from members to supporters to recognise that fact that, by being kind enough to dig into their pockets on a regular basis, people are supporting our charity’s work financially.

We also reckon these changes:

  • better reflect our relationships with people
  • remove any perception that ‘either you’re in or you’re out’
  • reduce the apparently common misunderstanding that we are a trade organisation that welcomes only professional bakeries
  • highlight that we are part of a charity and in continual need of financial support to carry on our work

Fear not – nothing is changing apart from the words we use and you don’t need to do anything different!

Exisiting supporters (fka members) will still receive True Loaf and still be eligible for all the discounts, offers and competitions we will continue to arrange to say thank you for your continuing support.