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Statement on diversity, equity and inclusion

Image: Creative Commons 0 (via Pixabay)

Image: Creative Commons 0 (via Pixabay)

Page last updated 12 April 2021

For the latest on our ongoing work to improve, please see the news and articles sections.

We work towards everyone having the chance to choose Real Bread. We also invite everyone who's interested to be included in our work and world but recognise that there are people missing from the party.

Our activity and this statement will evolve over time and we welcome your input in helping us to shape both.

When working on diversity, equity and inclusion, there are few - if any - things that 100% of people agree are right. There will be things we will do or not do, say or not say, that will divide opinion. The same goes for the ways in which we take action and the terms/language we use. We will get things wrong but would rather do that, then try again, than let fear of messing up prevent us from acting at all.

We are sorry if anything is not done the way that you feel is right or the best way - please let us know and we will take your views on board with the rest.

If you have any comment, or would like to be involved in this ongoing process, please email Campaign coordinator Chris Young.

A world of Real Bread lovers

By Real Bread we simply mean made without chemical leavening, so-called processing aids or other additives. This universally-inclusive definition incorporates every type of leavened and unleavened bread on earth.

Real Bread Map: Add any type you make for sale

People of every age, nationality, colour, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnic heritage,  differing ability, neurological status, religion and economic background, who speak every language worldwide, enjoy Real Bread and are involved in its rise.

We welcome everyone who shares our beliefs and values, and would like to support our charity’s work, to join the Real Bread Campaign.  Everyone is also invited to our wider network of friends by signing up to our free mailing list.

Work in progress

We know that this wide diversity of people is not as well reflected as it should be in our work and international network and are working to improve this. Examples include:

  • Creating opportunities for people with a range of knowledge, interest and lived experience to be seen more widely and have their voices amplified via our website, magazine and other platforms. 
  • Our open invitation for people from a wider diversity of backgrounds to jump on our stage, step into the spotlight, grab the mic - or whatever metaphors you fancy. Let us help you to tell your story, share your knowledge, air your views!
  • Reviewing the Campaign ambassador role and recruitment process in 2018/19. Doing so again in 2021, particularly welcoming volunteers whose inclusion will help to broaden the diversity of our representatives in all senses – who they are and how they relate to Real Bread.
  • The We Are Real Bread initiative to celebrate and give greater visibility to people behind the rise of Real Bread who are often unseen and uncelebrated.
  • A re-start and review of the Campaign’s advisory working party to establish the inclusion of a greater diversity of people, knowledge, expertise, opinions/voices and lived experience feeding into our planning and work.
  • Setting up a number of working groups to focus on specific topics, themes, policies and practices within our work, one of which will look at diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Using frequent surveys and other means to invite our supporters and wider network of friends to give feedback on work we have done, and make suggestions to help us plan future activity.

We balance the need to raise funds, and otherwise generate income, to continue our charity's work with addressing economic barriers to inclusion:

  • Campaign supporter annual subscriptions start as low as £22.50 (the equivalent of £2 a month), which has remained unchanged since the scheme launch in 2009.
  • People wanting to support us can make one-off doughnations from just £5 instead/as well.
  • Supporters sit within our wider network of friends on our mailing list, to which it is free to sign up.
  • The Real Bread Map is free to use.
  • Rather than requiring everyone to buy a ticket, we have organised some events to be free to attend, inviting people to make a donation.

In all of the above, we strongly encourage the participation of Black People, other People of Colour, and people who otherwise self-identify as belonging to any group historically underrepresented in and by the Campaign.

Spheres of influence

While working to put our own house in order, we will seek to find ways to encourage organisations and companies with which we work to look at diversity, equity and inclusion in their work. We would like to hear from those that are addressing these issues to get in touch so we can see what we can learn from them.

March 2021: We wrote to the organisers of three UK national bakery awards, suggesting they consider introducing categories to celebrate Black Bakers and other Bakers of Colour. Encouragingly, two responded that our message prompted them to start a review of their judging criteria, process and panels.

Intolerance to intolerance

Sustain / the Real Bread Campaign does not tolerate language or actions of a racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic or other prejudiced or hateful nature by its staff members or volunteers. We will investigate any allegations of such behaviour and take appropriate action.

Getting involved

While working to fix these problems is our responsibility, we want and need your help to do so. We are by no means experts in this area, and recognise that people’s opinions and experiences vary. 

If you would like to:

  • Join the conversation about diversity, equity and inclusion in our network, and in the world of Real Bread more generally.
  • Help to make the Campaign more diverse, inclusive and representative.
  • Be in our working group on diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Challenge, or otherwise comment on, any of this.

...please email Campaign coordinator Chris Young.

See also

External links

We will add more links as time goes on. We welcome your suggestions, especially of organisations/initiatives that celebrate diversity, promote inclusion and tackle inequity and prejudice in the baking sector, particularly around bread, and food more generally.

Real Bread Campaign: The Real Bread Campaign finds and shares ways to make bread better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet. Whether your interest is local food, community-focussed small enterprises, honest labelling, therapeutic baking, or simply tasty toast, everyone is invited to become a Campaign supporter.

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