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Together We Rise!

The Real Bread Campaign has great new plans to help people benefit from the therapeutic, social and employment opportunities offered by Real Bread Making.

Click here to download Rising Up, our therapeutic and social bread making report.

Here is an outline of our plans for our Together We Rise project and what we need to ensure we are able to run it.

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The key new project for which we need to raise dough  is:

Helping people who have a tougher time than most of us to benefit from the therapeutic, social and employment opportunities that Real Bread making offers.

As well as giving people access to an all-natural and genuinely fresh, healthy staple food that represents true value for money, baking Real Bread can also offer a range of benefits to people facing a whole range of challenges.

For whom:

The inclusive nature of the Campaign means that we'll work to ensure Together We Rise helps as many people as possible.

The intended main beneficiaries of our work will be people living with mental health issues.

We also plan to help people facing the following challenges:

  • living with mental disability
  • living with physical disability
  • recovering from serious injury
  • facing challenges arising from getting older
  • finding their feet again afetr leaving one of the armed forces
  • affected by domestic violence
  • have experinced homelessness
  • recovering from substance abuse
  • finding their feet again as an ex-offender
  • on very low income
  • recently single and learning to live alone
  • recently-arrived in Britain and experiencing difficulty integrating (perhaps due to language or cultural barriers)

What we will do

There is some great work being done around the UK and beyond involving Real Bread making.

What is missing, and we will offer, is training and guidance to help charities, not-for-profit groups, social enterprises and other organisations to include Real Bread making in their work with people facing social exclusion.

The Campaign will also facilitate a mutually-supportive national network to help bring together organisations that work with people facing social exclusion, their beneficiaries and bakers as a larger, national community.

We will collect examples of good practice and evidence of benefits from Real Bread making from our collaborators and promote this information to encourage more organisations to incorporate this activity into their work.

We will work with:

  • people facing the challenges listed above to help us design and run the project.
  • with organisations that support people facing these challenges to incorporate Real Bread making into their work.
  • with Real Bread training providers (e.g. professional bakers and baking teachers) to encourage them to offer training opportunities specifically for people from target groups.
  • social entrepreneurs with bready enterprises that support people facing these challenges.
  • our existing network of expert Real Bread bakers around the UK


Update June 2013: since writing this page, the list of occupational therapists and other professionals keen to get involved with Together We Rise has grown to more than 120 people.

So far we have consulted people from the following organisations that use Real Bread making (or cooking or other crafts with which parallels can be drawn) in their own work with groups of people facing social exclusion:

All agreed that there is a need for our proposed work, and that it will be of use to them and their beneficiaries.  They are also keen to collaborate with us on this initiative.

Securing funding will allow also us to collaborate with a larger number of organisations that use Real Bread making in their work. 

We continue to seek more potential collaborators, for example NHS Trusts and occupational therapists. If your social enterprise or other organisation already helps people facing social exclusion to take advantage of the benefits of Real Bread making, or is planning to do so, please drop us a line: realbread [at]

The Together We Rise Plan

You can download the PDF of the first version of the more detailed plan here.

Continuing work


These are some key areas of our current work we would like to continue in order to build upon our successes to date. Again we are currently exploring funding opportunities and the work we are able to do will rely heavily upon the funding we are able to secure.

Bringing home the Real Bread

Supporting the rise Real Bread in our local communities.

For whom:

People planning and running Community Supported Bakeries, home-based microbakeries and other small, independent local Real Bread enterprises.

We will:

  • arrange Real Bread workshops, business mentoring and voluntary placements for these sort of bakers.
  • build our directory of Real Bread professional baking classes and courses, and a standards scheme to enable people to get a better idea of what each provider offers.
  • continue to develop and promote the Real Bread Finder and The Real Bread Loaf Mark scheme

Supporting activities

To help us to achieve all of our aims and objectives, old a new,  we will continue to:

  • Promote the benefits of eating and learning to make Real Bread.
  • Seek, find and share more ways to make bread better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet
  • Highlight the problems we see in the state of bread in Britain that demonstrates the ongoing need for our work
  • Challenge obstacles to the rise of Real Bread
  • Build our mutually-supportive network of people who care about the state of bread in Britain


The Campaign would like to hear from other organisations which share our values and would like to work with us on any of the initiatives outlined above. In particular, we would like to hear from:

  • Charities
  • Community Interest Companies
  • Co-operatives
  • Development trusts
  • Mutuals
  • Not for profit organisations
  • Public sector organisations
  • Social enterprises
  • Social firms

Successes to date

The Campaign has an excellent track record of meeting and exceeding its aims and objectives.

Here are just some of the highlights of what we’d achieved by July 2012, with notes on our progress towards reaching our July 2013 targets:

  • Helping around 5,000 children a day at 26 schools to have access to organic Real Bread with their meals – exceeding our target by more than 25%
  • Enabling almost 4000 children at 80 schools to bake Real Bread – 80% of our target
  • Leading the rise of Real Bread in local communities by distributing more than 1100 copies of Knead to Know - eleven times our target
  • Empowering more than 50 people with baking skills to enable them to make Real Bread available through at least 26 food access projects
  • Co-ordinating a mutually-supportive network of more than 6000 people, within which 1100 people have become paying supporters
  • Linking more than 460 bakers with countless people in their local communities with our Real Bread Finder map
  • Guiding children at more than 200 schools on the seed to sandwich Real Bread journey with our Bake Your Lawn grow it, mill it, bake it, eat it pack.

How will we be funded?

Charitable trusts
As with most Sustain projects, the Real Bread Campaign is mainly looking towards charitable trusts and foundations for funding.  If you know of a particular fund that is open to applications from projects with aims and beneficiaries in line with those above, please get in touch.

Supporter network, publications and donations
We continue to build our network of paying supporters, produce publications and seek donations with the ultimate aim of the Campaign being self-financing.

Other sources of income
We are always open to suggestions of other sources of income and offers of help to secure these.

NB In line with Sustain policy, the Campaign is careful not to take money from organisations that might compromise, or appear to compromise, our integrity and aims. As such,  we are unable to approach profit-making organisations in the food and agriculture industry (e.g. millers or other food manufacturers) for sponsorship or large donations. We are, however, able to accept money from individuals, trusts and commercial organisations outside the food and agriculture sectors.

How you can help us

Here are some of the things that will really help to ensure the future of the Real Bread Campaign: 

  • Supporters: Ideally, we’d like to attarct enough paying supporters to make us self-sufficient. In addition to our exclusive forum and magazine, to help say ‘thank you’ to our supporters we continue to secure prizes and discounts. JOIN US NOW!
  • Donations: It’s not something we’ve pushed in the past, but like all charities we’re always extremely grateful for whatever you can spare, whether it's £5 or £5000. MAKE A DONATION
  • Fundraisers: Sustain staff are on the case but if you have experience of finding sources of funding and writing bids that you’d like to put to use for us, please get in touch. Please also contact us if you have experience as a successful fundraising dinner, gala or other event organiser.
  • Partners: Does your organisation use Real Bread making, cooking or other craft skills to help people in any of the ways outlined above? Would you share with us what you have learned?
  • Ideas: What might we have missed? Do you know of a source of funding for which our work might be appropriate, or another source if income we might not have considered?

If there's a way that you think you can help us to continue our work beyond June 2013, please drop us a line realbread [at]