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We advocate food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals, improve the working and living environment, promote equity and enrich society and culture.


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New food poverty campaign launched

As foodbank visits in London rise past 100,000, a new food poverty campaign is launched to urge London’s boroughs to do more.
Food poverty

Sustain Members Recognised in Footprint Awards Shortlist

Sustain members Harper Adams University, Fairtrade Foundation and Eating Better have been shortlisted for the Footprint Awards 2015. The Footprint Awards, now in their fifth year, recognise sustainability and responsible business practice in the food service sector. The winners will be announced at a special dinner on the 4th of June. See Sustain's full list of members here.


New Research on Salt Reduction and the Responsibility Deal

Sustain member Consensus Action on Salt and Health have published new research on salt in the BMJ. Their work shows that the UK coalition government's responsibility deal with the UK food industry has stalled the succesful progress previously made by the Food Standards Agency to reduce the high levels of salt consumption in the UK. CASH argue that this delay has put an estimated 6,000 lives per year at risk. They call for urgent action to protect and improve the nation's health.


Labour's food bank commitment

Labour has promised Scotland’s 167 food banks £5000 each should it win in May’s election. More than 117,000 food bank parcels were given out by Scotland’s food banks in 2014, compared to just 5,700 in 2011. Sustain has compiled all political parties stance on food poverty - find out how Labour’s response to food poverty compares. The Sustainable Food Cities network calls for strategies that address the root causes of food poverty. Sign the Sustainable Food Cities food poverty declaration.

Food poverty

Welsh Government respond to food poverty

​On 20 April, Welsh Government and Public Health Wales convened a Food Poverty Think Tank in Cardiff. The purpose of the all-Wales meeting was to bring together partners to identify strategic actions that could be collectively delivered to improve outcomes for people at risk of food poverty. Welsh Government and Public Health Wales are working to develop a single definition of food poverty that could be used to measure the extent of the problem within Wales. Judith John, Public Health Wales Dietician, put forth the follow working definition for attendees to consider: “Being in food poverty means the inability to afford, to have access to, or to have the skills to use foods which make up a healthy diet.” Attendees were given the opportunity to comment on the proposed definition and agree upon a set of priorities for advancing work around support services, education, access and affordability and engaging businesses which will be carried out by Welsh Government, Public Health Wales and many community partners. See our work on food poverty through Sustainble Food Cities

Food poverty

Sign Up For Free Range Milk

International animal welfare organisation World Animal Protection have begun a campaign calling for free range milk. World Animal Protection say that there's a lack of information on how our milk is produced and are calling for milk to be labelled so consumers can make informed choices. They want to know how much UK milk is produced intensively from cows reared indoors. Those signing up pledge to buy free range milk from cows allowed to graze in fields. 


Charity Adopt A School celebrates 25th Anniversary

Sustain member Royal Academy of Culinary Arts Adopt A School Trust held a glittering dinner to celebrate their 25th Anniversary and to raise money to help continue their work. Adopt a School sends chefs and hospitality professionals into schools to teach children about food, cookery, food growing, healthy eating, food hygiene and the importance of eating together.  See also Sustain's work on school food.


New Patrons at First Steps Nutrition Trust

Sustain member First Steps Nutrition Trust is celebrating its 4th birthday and has announced three exciting new patrons for the charity. Chef Jamie Oliver, Baby Milk Action's Patti Rundall and public health nutritionist Professor Annie Anderson will be helping support and promote First Steps Nutrition Trust in the work that they do producing resources about eating well in pregnancy, feeding infants and new mums and eating well in the early years.   See also Sustain's Children's Food Campaign.


Schools feeding and clothing pupils

The BBC have reported that schools are spending upwards of £43m to help families cope with the impact of austerity. A survey by National Association of Head Teachers revealed the growing pressure on schools to meet pupils' basic needs for adequate food and clothing. See Sustain's work on food poverty

Food poverty

Public support needed to reduce antibiotics in farming

England's Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies has warned of a 'post-antibiotic era' of medicine in which surgery could become impossible if antimicrobial resistance is allowed to increase unchecked. In a paper published by the Royal Society Dame Sally said that stopping the routine use of precious antibiotics on farms could lead to higher food prices. These would need to be supported by the public in order to prevent the grave rise in antimicrobial resistance. The paper warned of a return to Victorian levels of infection-related deaths if antibiotic resistance was not stopped. See also Sustain's work with the Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics  


Double Yield: Jobs and sustainable food production

This is a republication of the 1997 report with a new foreword. Double Yield is about getting back something we have lost. We value our countryside, our rural landscapes and wildlife, our rural communities. We value healthy nutritious food and respect for farm animals. Yet we are losing many valued aspects of our natural environments, including meadows, wetlands, woodlands, birds and other wildlife. Increasingly, we no longer trust the food we eat nor believe that all animals are treated fairly.

Taxpayers subsidise businesses due to low wages

Community organising charity Citizens UK have released research showing how those on low wages are forced to turn to in-work benefits such as working tax credits to supplement their income and afford a basic standard of living. The charity say this is costing the UK taxpayer an estimated £11 billion a year. Citizens UK are calling on businesses, including supermarkets like Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrisons to pay the Living Wage (curently £7.85 or £9.15 in London) and help make savings to the public purse. The British Retail Consortium, representing retailers, told the BBC that most supermarkets paid above minimum wage. See also Sustain's work on food poverty.


What are the main political parties promising on Food and Farming?

With the 2015 General Election on May 7 fast approaching, Sustain has been through the manifestos so you don't have to! Take a look at our table and easily compare the food and farming mainfesto pledges of the main political parties. Find out where the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Green Party, SNP, Plaid Cymru and UKIP stand on farming, animal welfare, the environment, the Common Agricultural Policy, food poverty, food safety and more! You can find the table and more information about our work on food policy here.   


1 child in every 20 in the UK going hungry and reliant on food banks to eat

New campaign from Sustainable Food Cities calls for commitment to tackle the problem ‘Beyond the Food Bank’

Healthy eating key to tackling obesity

Children's Food Campaign is supporting calls for an end to celebrity endorsements of sugary drinks and the association of junk food and sport.

World's first Sustainable Fish City

Bournemouth and Poole have been crowned the world's first sustainable fish city, after businesses serving 3.7 million meals per year in the city region commit to serving only sustainable fish.

Political party manifestos - fishing policies

Find out where the different political parties stand on fishing and the marine environment. Sustain has compiled their positions as stated in the 2015 general election main manifestos.

Political party manifestos - food & farming

Find out where the different political parties stand on food and farming issues. Sustain has compiled their positions on food and farming as stated in the 2015 general election main manifestos.

Good Food at Work

How your organisation can improve the food within your office environment, to benefit staff, and help create a more sustainable food and farming system fit for the future.

Time to come clean about hospital food

Why the government must hand responsibility for monitoring hospital food to an independent body.



Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming

Sustain advocates food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals, improve the working and living environment, promote equity and enrich society and culture.