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Prue Leith CBE urges radical overhaul of hospital food

In an article for the Guardian, Prue Leith CBE calls the government's hospital food proposals "hopelessly weak". She calls on it to carry out radical changes to the way that food is served and sold in hospitals in England. This includes investing in more kitchens and setting more ambitious food standards in law.

Take action at Sustain's Campaign for Better Hospital Food

WHO (Europe) proposes new nutrient profling model

The World Health Organization (WHO) has proposed a nutrient profiling tool to help European member states that wish to restrict marketing of certain foods to children. Applying the nutrient profile model to confectionery would not allow its marketing to kids. But it will be left to member states to take action, through voluntary of statutory measures, according to their preferences.

Currently the lack of such an agreed EU-wide nutrient profiling model is a huge gap in existing regulation and affects the ability of countries to implement effective rules to tackle the marketing of high fat, salt, sugar food.


Coca Cola loses out in race to sponsor London's cycle hire scheme

London has dodged a sugary bullet.  Coca Cola will not be adding sponsorship of the "Boris Bikes" cycle hire scheme to their porfolio of branded tourist attractions and events in the capital, which includes the London Eye and activities in London's parks.  Today Transport for London announced banking group Santander had pipped Coca Cola - the only other shortlisted bidder - to being chosen as the new named sponsor for what had been the Barclays cycle hire scheme. 

The few extra £ millions that Coca Cola would have put into cycling would have been small change compared to the cost of sugary drinks on London's NHS and on residents' lives. 

Private Members' Bill on Sugar in Food and Drink

Geraint Davies MP's Private Members' Bill on Sugar in Food and Drinks (Targets, Labelling and Advertising) is scheduled to have a Second Reading in the House of Commons. The Bill would require the Secretary of State to set targets for sugar content in food and drinks; to provide that sugar content on food and drink labelling be represented in terms of the number of teaspoonfuls of sugar; to provide for standards of information provision in advertising of food and drinks; and for connected purposes. Due to parliamentary scheduling and procedures, this is likely to be as far as the Bill gets this time. We hope that what this Bill is trying to achieve may meet with more success in the next Parliament.

See Sustain's work on sugary drinks

Thousands set to get growing for the Big Dig Day 2015

Sustain's Big Dig Day 2015 takes place on 21 March 2015, and is set to involve thousands of people across the UK growing their own food
The Big Dig

Harrison Catering Services pledge

Top contract caterer Harrison Catering Services have committed to serving only demonstrably sustainable fish across their 270 UK locations. Their Sustainable Fish Cities pledge will affect the 100,000 meals they cook and serve each day to schoolchildren, students and office workers.

CFC response to CAP review on online marketing

Children's Food Campaign responds to Committees on Advertising Practice review of online marketing rules

Daily Mail investigation supports calls for hospital food to be independently monitored.

The reliability of hospital food inspections is questioned after the Daily Mail reveals that they are failing to reflect concerns about the quality of patient meals

Time to come clean about hospital food

Why the government must hand responsibility for monitoring hospital food to an independent body.

Making more of the money we spend on hospital food

Why the government must apply higher standards to hospital food

Keep hospitals cooking

Why kitchens and NHS caterers are vital to improving the popularity, healthiness and sustainability of hospital food

London's pollinators: Creating a buzz in the capital

This report draws together policy and practice from national and London levels, to explore how we can ensure pollinator can thrive in London. It looks at how we can manage and improve land use in the capital to address issues as diverse as health, conservation, pollution and environmental management; and how these could contribute to helping to create a more colourful city in which both people and pollinators can thrive.
London Food Link



Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming

Sustain advocates food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals, improve the working and living environment, promote equity and enrich society and culture.