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Photo credit: Phili Denning

Photo credit: Phili Denning

To help inspire others to consider alternative ways of shopping Phili Denning shares her story of setting up a food buying group from her garage in South London. Over the following weeks we'll follow her story about the highs and lows of setting up a viable business whilst sticking firmly to your values.

Phili hopes that through this blog she can share her experiences and inspire others to consider alternative ways of shopping with less environmental impact. Thanks for reading it and feel free to contact Phili with any questions or comments you may have.


1: Plastic is definitely not fantastic!

2: How to sell food to my friends

3: Where to buy 25kg bags of food

4: Shelves, storage, scoops, scales

5: Now I need people!

6: Got my hands full now!

7: The money

8: Getting physical

9: Items out of stock, price changes and refunds

10: The day I’ve been waiting for

11: Collection Conundrums

12: Collection two

13: Collection three - my birthday!


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