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School lunch becomes a political battleground in US

The New York Times reports on the battle to pass the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act in the US.

29/10/2014   Children's Food Campaign

Children's Food Campaign wins award

CFC received a special award from the Dietitians for Obesity Management (part of the BDA) for joint junk free checkouts campaign.

22/10/2014   Children's Food Campaign

Rosie Boycott calls on London boroughs to do more to support breastfeeding

Rosie Boycott, journalist and chair of the London Food Board , well known for having founded feminist magazine Spare Rib, has joined with food campaign group London Food Link and the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative in calling on London councils to do more to support new mums and increase the prevalence of breastfeeding in the capital.

16/10/2014   London Food Link

Better Health for London

Children's Food Campaign supports the London Health Commission's recommendations on planning restrictions and other measures to tackle the obesogenic environment

15/10/2014   Children's Food Campaign

Transatlantic trade and investment partnership

NGOs continue to campaign on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, the free trade agreement aimed at harmonising standards and regulations between the USA and EU.  Compassion in World Farming, Friends of the Earth Europe and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy have written an open letter to the European Commission US-EU trade negotiators, arguing that sustainable and safe food could permanently be damaged by the deal. In particular, there is concern that provisions to expedite trade found within the draft text will undermine the implementation and enforcement of food safety safeguards, ultimately placing consumers at risk.

01/10/2014   Sustain

Forced labour and MSC certification

The Marine Stewardship Council Board has agreed to include a clear policy on the issue of forced labour within the future requirements of MSC certification. Companies which have been successfully prosecuted for forced labour violations in the last two years will be out of the scope of the MSC programme and ineligible for MSC certification.

01/10/2014   Sustain

New film by Danis Tanovic

Tigers, is a new film by Oscar-winning director Danis Tanovic, based on the true story of a former Nestlé baby milk salesman taking on the industry with the help of the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) when he realises that babies are dying as a result of his work pressuring doctors to promote formula. Baby Milk Action’s Patti Rundall and Mike Brady are represented in the film, which received its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. .

01/10/2014   Sustain

New bronze Catering Mark standards

Two new bronze Catering Mark standards to limit the use of salt and increase the prominence of healthier drinks have been proposed by the Soil Association and were out for consultation until Monday 12 October 2014. The new standards will require that salt is not available after cooking (except on request), and that staff are trained in salt reduction and recipes are designed to minimise salt use; and that healthier drinks (water, milk, fruit juice with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners) are placed more prominently than sugary and artificially-sweetened drinks.

01/10/2014   Sustain

Mouth Cancer Action Month

The British Dental Health Foundation is running Mouth Cancer Action Month in November. The campaign calls on dentists, doctors and pharmacists to educate members of the general public about a disease that claims more lives than testicular and cervical cancer combined.

01/10/2014   Sustain

Call for all political parties to commit to a greener Britain by 2020

A coalition of environmental groups including the Campaign to Protect Rural England, National Trust, WWF, RSPB, Greenpeace, The Wildlife Trusts and Friends of the Earth have called for all political parties to commit to a greener Britain by 2020, by pledging seven major priorities at the next election to reform the way we use energy, build communities and protect nature. Ideas include: new Marine Protected Areas in our overseas territories, the Arctic and around the UK; a 25-year plan for recovering our green spaces and wildlife; a major new approach to household energy savings; and a new Sustainable Neighbourhoods deal giving more power to communities.

01/10/2014   Sustain

Review into professional environmental health education

A comprehensive review into professional environmental health education, commissioned by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) from an independent working party, is set to make recommendations by the end of the year. The working party is chaired by Nick Wilson, strategic director for children, schools and families at Surrey County Council, and includes students, employers from all sectors, academics and members of the CIEH governance community and education team. The CIEH exercise coincides with a Food Standards Agency review of the food law code of practice, which will make recommendations on competencies and qualifications required in food safety inspection.

01/10/2014   Sustain

Mealmakers launched

Scotland’s Community Food and Health has launched Mealmakers, based on London initiative the Casserole Club. This neighbourhood meal sharing project uses an online platform to connect volunteers of any age who have a passion for cooking and want to be active in their communities, with older neighbours over the age of 55 who would appreciate a home-cooked meal. Mealmakers is sponsored by the Scottish Government and the Rank Foundation, and launched as a pilot in Dundee, with the aim to reduce food poverty and malnutrition, improve diets and combat social isolation by breaking down the barriers that lead to loneliness.

01/10/2014   Sustain

Cheese is unnecessarily loaded with salt

Cheese is unnecessarily loaded with salt, according to a study in BMJ Open by Consensus Action on Salt & Health. The research concludes that some cheese makers are not going far enough when it comes to salt reduction, with some cheeses containing more salt than seawater.

01/10/2014   Sustain

Foodswitch smartphone app

A new free smartphone app, Foodswitch, has been developed by Consensus Action on Salt & Health, in collaboration with organisations including the George Institute of Global Health and The British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group.  Users can scan the barcodes of food and drinks products and instantly see whether they are high, medium or low in fat, saturates, sugars and salt per 100g.

01/10/2014   Sustain

Tesco, Diabetes UK and the British Heart Foundation are forming a charity partnership to raise funds to promote healthy living

The partnership, which will launch in early 2015, is being described as the first of its kind, and aims to encourage healthy eating and cooking habits, with more details to follow.

01/10/2014   Sustain

FAIRTRADE Mark-labelled products

Shoppers continue to reach for FAIRTRADE Mark-labelled products in ever growing numbers while Fairtrade’s offer to farmers and workers deepens, according to a new report from Fairtrade International. Sales during 2013 grew for coffee, sugar, bananas and flowers. To celebrate 20 years since the FAIRTRADE Mark launched in the UK, the Fairtrade Foundation has invited the UK public to nominate their favourite Fairtrade product – from over 4,500 –  for a special award, with winners due to be announced in October.

01/10/2014   Sustain

The Great British Fairness Debate

Retailers, out-of-home outlets, coffee roasters and contract caterers signed up to take part in the Fairtrade Foundation’s autumn consumer campaign, ‘The Great British Fairness Debate’, which ran for two weeks from 29 September-12 October. Encouraging the British public to consider and debate the concept of personal fairness, the campaign drove consumers to an online hub where they could take a ‘Great British Fairness Test’, watch filmed ‘fairness experiments’ staged at a pop-up coffee cart, and learn how buying Fairtrade products helps farmers and workers in the developing world to get a fairer deal.

01/10/2014   Sustain

800m meals from 'hidden food' could help 5.8m people living in deep poverty

The UK could be losing out on 800m meals from ‘hidden food’ which could help 5.8m people living in deep poverty, according to figures published by food redistribution charity FareShare, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

01/10/2014   Sustain

Friends of the Earth is asking us to help our local bees

Friends of the Earth is asking us to help our local bees by creating a bed & breakfast for them, providing food, water and nesting space. Every ‘Bee & Bee’ will be added to an online map and then presented to the government, to encourage it to take ambitious action matching people’s efforts to help bees across the country.

01/10/2014   Sustain

Scottish seas are set for 30 new Marine Protected Areas

Scottish seas are set for 30 new Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) which will protect a further 12 per cent of Scotland’s seas. Last year 2,510 Marine Conservation Society supporters were among 14,000 people who backed proposals for new MPAs during an extensive public consultation.

01/10/2014   Sustain


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