Growing Health

A project by Garden Organic and Sustain to see how community food growing can be routinely used by the health and social care services as a way of promoting health and wellbeing.

Getting food growing commissioned: A tool kit

The Toolkit

Download the compete Toolkit including case studies as a 6886 Kb PDF.



Useful guides to give you an overview of how commissioning works providing your project with background information to help you get commissioned.


A summary of the evidence and factsheets showing how food growing can improve health and wellbeing for certain population groups.

Case studies

Examples of current projects which use food growing in the community to provide a health benefit and have been commissioned to provide this service.

Measurement and evaluation

From the outset of any project it is a good idea to set aims and outcomes for the group and individuals.

Events and conferences

Information and presentations from all our previous events and conferences.

Growing Health aims to

  • Draw together and highlight evidence of the benefits of food growing for physical and mental health and general wellbeing for different patient groups and individuals.
  • Develop case studies with projects that use food growing for a health benefit or in a healthcare setting, especially those who have direct links with the NHS and healthcare professionals who use it as part of their practice.
  • Explore how food growing can be integrated into the new NHS commissioning and public health structures, examining barriers and opportunities.
  • Provide information that will allow food growing to be routinely commissioned and patients to be referred to community food growing as an effective form of health and social care.

Contact us

Maria Devereaux
020 7065 0902



Help us promote community food growing, for health, across the UK

Growing Health is looking to recruit active champions to support the project’s mission and for being an advocate for the health and wellbeing benefits of community food growing.

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