Out to Lunch league table reveals kids’ food is typically less healthy than adults’ at popular visitor attractions

A new league table ranking children’s food and drink at the UK’s top visitor attractions is published today (23 October) by Sustain member the Soil Association’s Out to Lunch campaign, which has uncovered unhealthy pre-packed lunchboxes, dodgy ingredients, and a lack of vegetables, as well as some good food at reasonable prices.

Ben Reynolds, Sustain’s Deputy CEO, commented: “For many families sitting down to lunch during half term, this report is very timely.  Many will be baulking at the price they have to fork out for food at these attractions – they’d do so more happily if they could see it was better quality – healthier, more imaginative, supporting sustainable British producers. It’s clear from this survey that there is no correlation between price and quality, if anything those attractions who are committing to healthier more sustainable food, are able to do so at a lower price. 

“What’s more shocking is that the children’s food served is less healthy than that for adults, particularly considering the UK’s well document childhood obesity crisis, and huge associated problems of diet related disease in children including diabetes and poor dental health. The proliferation of junk food and its advertising and sponsorship in family attractions ensures that junk food is made desirable by association, and reinforces this perception in day to day life.”

“The report pulls out some important recommendations, such as increasing the availability of fresh drinking water, such as drinking fountains, all across the attractions. This would help reduce the amount of plastic bottle waste attractions have to pay to remove, helping reduce plastic pollution and its environmental impact, as well as providing alternatives to sugary drinks on sale.”

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Sustain campaigns to improve children’s food and supports local action to reduce sugar (SUGAR SMART).

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