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Sustain Sustainable Fish Advice

What can individuals do?

As an individual you can help create Sustainable Fish Cities - either in your own shopping or at work. Here are some ideas. But first of all, get in touch, so that you can tell us what you think, and we can share ideas and information with you.

1. Get in touch

Send us your email address (we promise not to share this with anyone else) and we'll keep you informed of the campaign.

Tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter about Sustainable Fish City and encourage them to join in!

MSC Logo2. Change the fish you buy

Stop buying fish that experts say is 'fish to avoid'. Overall, UK consumers need to halve the amount of meat and dairy in our diets to keep climate change within 1.5 degrees of warming. The remainer should come from agro-ecologial production or sustainable fishing. 

Buy fish only from sustainable sources - those that are 'fish to eat' or that carry the Marine Stewardship Council, Aquaculture Stewardship Council, GlobalGAP, Organic, or Best Aquaculture Practices logo (shown on the left).

If you shop in a supermarket, tell them that you want to see only sustainable fish being sold. It can be done! Beware of misleading claims about fish being 'responsible' or 'sustainable' - always look for the ecolabels listed above or use the Good Fish Guide App.

Be more adventurous and try different types of fish and shellfish to help relieve the pressure on popular species. We've also put together a "Top Ten Fish Swaps" document to help you consider alternatives to 'at risk' fish, and where to buy them in some of the UK supermarkets that have been the most progressive on sustainable fish.

International governmental policy and how illegal fishing is adressed at a global level have a big impact on our oceans, and there's more information about this on Your Bass Guy's website.

MSC: Fish and Kids3. Help influence the fish that other people buy

Become a Fish Champion. For example, you could:

Persuade your employer to adopt a sustainable fish policy for your products or event catering. We can help you with guidance on what to do. 

If you have links to a school, encourage them to get involved. Download ideas for how schools can help, in word or pdf format or check out the Marine Stewardship Council's Fish and Kids project

When you eat out, tell restaurants, sandwich shops and other food businesses about the Sustainable Fish City campaign and encourage them to join in. 


Sustainable Fish: A campaign to protect precious marine environments and fishing livelihoods, and call for fish to be bought from sustainable sources. We want to show what can be done if people and organisations make a concerted effort to change their buying habits.

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