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NC State University - 26 January
Intercontinental Study Sheds Light on the Microbial Life of Sourdough

eLife - 26 January 
The diversity and function of sourdough starter microbiomes


Delish - 19 May
How Baking Has Helped Me Overcome My Lockdown-Anxiety

Heart - 18 May
Psychologists reveal that baking helps reduce stress and anxiety

Vitality - 7 April
How Mindful Baking Can Improve Mood and Reduce Stress

Now Then - 1 May

Metro - 25 January
Baking is the self care I need when my panic attacks are out of control

Times - 18 January
Kitty Tait: ‘Baking gave me hope when I didn’t have any’


Nutrients - 4 December
Sourdough Fermented Breads are More Digestible than Those Started with Baker’s Yeast Alone: An In Vivo Challenge Dissecting Distinct Gastrointestinal Responses

Guardian - 10 October
Flour power: meet the bread heads baking a better loaf

Mental Floss - 8 August
The Reason Why Baking Makes You Feel Good, According to Psychologists

Find a therapist - 23 July
The Great British Baking Therapy

Times and Star - 22 June
Andy Walsh says sourdough’s great bread but let’s not over-egg it

Guardian - 28 May
Banned bread: why does the US allow additives that Europe says are unsafe?

iNews - 8 May
This teenage baker is opening her first bread shop aged 15

Food Business News - 23 April
Organic, artisanal trending in the bread aisle

International Journal of Food Microbiology - 2 February
Gluten-free and low-FODMAP sourdoughs for patients with coeliac disease and irritable bowel syndrome: A clinical perspective


Food Chemistry - 1 December
Reactivity of gluten proteins from spelt and bread wheat accessions towards A1 and G12 antibodies in the framework of celiac disease

National Public Radio - 12 November
Sourdough Hands: How Bakers And Bread Are A Microbial Match

PNAS - 31 July
Archaeobotanical evidence reveals the origins of bread 14,400 years ago in northeastern Jordan

The New Food Economy - 27 March
Why is farmers’ market bread so ridiculously expensive?

The Mirror - 20 March
Sourdough becomes Britain’s most in-demand bread - with sales soaring 40% in a year

The Sun - 25 February
Sourdough bread sales go through the roof as millennials make smashed avo brunch at home

BBC News - 25 February
Bedford bakery helps keep offenders 'out of trouble'

Luminary Bakery - 22 January
How Baking Can Empower and Improve General Well Being

Journal of Cereal Science - January
Do ancient types of wheat have health benefits compared with modern bread wheat?


Telegraph - 25 November
Crafty chefs use their loaves

National Post - 17 November
Breaking bread: While artisanal bakers rely on stale tradition, the innovative get fresh

New Scientist - 15 November
Gluten-sensitive? It may actually be a carb making you ill

Attn: Your Food's Roots - 14 November
Zooey Deschanel on What's In Your Bread

JSTOR Daily - 12 November
The war on white bread

Guardian - 11 November
As sliced bread sales fall and costs rise, are UK's leading bakers toast?

Gastroenterology - 1 November
Fructan, Rather Than Gluten, Induces Symptoms in Patients With Self-reported Non-celiac Gluten Sensitivity

New York Post - 3 October
New Yorkers are paying $20 for a loaf of bread

Chicago Daily Herald - 27 September
A study in old-school bread baking at home

New Scientist - 26 September
Genetically modified wheat used to make coeliac-friendly bread

The Big Issue - 4 September
The Greatest British Bake Off: Social enterprises dishing up food for good

Civil Eats - 31 August
Bake What We Knead: Solving the Problem of Excess Bread

Metro - 15 August
Go inside the bakery that’s using bread-making to help people recover from mental health issues

The Grocer - 11 August
Chilled bread isn't cool

Graaffreinet Advertiser - 8 August
Taking pride in helping the community

National Public Radio - 17 July
More Than Bread: Sourdough As a Window Into The Microbiome

The New Food Economy - 17 July
Alternative food production needs fresh bread

Digital Journal - 13 July
Western Europe Sourdough Market to Increase at a CAGR of 7.1% Through 2026

Irish Times - 16 May
Sourdough: the bread for people who ‘can’t eat bread’

Eureka Alert 11 May
Consumers misled by gluten-free foods, study finds
See also:
Sky News - 11 May
Trendy gluten-free foods 'increase risk of obesity'
Telegraph - 11 May
Gluten-free con: ‘Clean’ foods are not as healthy as real thing, warn nutrition experts
Guardian - 11 May
Gluten-free diet carries increased obesity risk, warn experts

The Times - 10 May
Gluten-free fad takes big slice out of 'bread' sales

New York Times - 24 April
Toast Ale, From Recycled Bread, Is Now Brewed in New York

Star 2 - 23 April
Bubbles in bread – it’s just air but it matters

Irish Times - 19 April
Irish people wasting millions on gluten-free ‘fad’, says doctor

PR Newswire - 19 April
Sourdough Market: Will North America Defeat Current Market Leader Western Europe in Terms of Revenue Contribution?

The New Food Economy - 4 April
Aunt Jemima killed fresh flour. These micro-millers are bringing it back

Resources, Conservation and Recycling - March 2017
Life cycle assessment of supermarket food waste

Hiroshima University - 22 March
Gluten free rice-flour bread could revolutionize global bread production

The Telegraph - 9 March
Is going gluten-free giving you diabetes? New study links diet with the disease

British Baker - 3 March
Wrapped bread sales down in a fifth of c-stores

The Conversation - 27 February
We’ve calculated the environmental cost of a loaf of bread – and what to do about it


Food Chemistry - 15 December
New insights into wheat toxicity: Breeding did not seem to contribute to a prevalence of potential celiac disease’s immunostimulatory epitopes

Food Navigator - 14 December
Gluten-free diet may not promote good intestinal health

Mayo Clinic Proceedings - 5 December
Less Hidden Celiac Disease But Increased Gluten Avoidance Without a Diagnosis in the United State

Smithsonian - 29 November
Feeling Down? Scientists Say Cooking and Baking Could Help You Feel Better

Munchies - 27 November
In a Shitty Mood? Scientists Say You Should Bake

The Journal of Positive Psychology - 17 November
Everyday creative activity as a path to flourishing

Nafferton Ecological Farming Group - 16 November
Bread and Community: ReCap of Stephen Jones Seminar

New York Times - 29 October
Bread is Broken

Food Navigator - 4 October
Grain from days gone by could form heart-friendlier bread, study finds

Daily Mail - 30 September
Do you know what you are eating? Ingredients from human hair and beavers' scent sacs used in popular foods like bread and ice cream

BBC News - 30 September
Supermarkets 'use bread for marketing'

Autoimmunity Reviews - 15 September
The industrial food additive microbial transglutaminase, mimics the tissue transglutaminase and is immunogenic in celiac disease patients

Journal of Functional Foods - 1 August
Wheat and the irritable bowel syndrome – FODMAP levels of modern and ancient species and their retention during bread making - 21 July
Bakery venture feeds German appetite for pesticide-free food

St John blog - 14 July
Faux dough!

The Modern Farmer - 13 July
The Latest Crop in the Local Food Movement? Wheat

USA Today - 13 June
The bread revolution that could change how you think about carbs

BBC - 25 May
India food watchdog for ban on 'toxic bread'

Times of India - 24 May
'Carcinogens' in bread: Even China's banned the use of potassium bromate, but US, India haven't

Big Issue North - 9 May
All rise

TEDx - 29 April
The social enterprise bakery that restores eyesight

New York Post - 6 April
Carb lovers, rejoice! This baker has the key to healthy bread

The Guardian - 23 March
Could sourdough bread be the answer to the gluten sensitivity epidemic?

British Baker - 17 Feburary
Barley bread can reduce diabetes and obesity risk

Bakery & Snacks - 15 February
Diabetes patients could benefit from Kamut khorasan wheat, finds study


The Grocer - 30 September
Bread's biggest brands get burned as price war heats up

ABC - 17 September
Western Australian students find sourdough may be the best bread for those with gluten allergies

Prepared Food - 10 September
Bread: The great unifier

Hackney Citizen - 7 September
London Fields bakery shares the loaf with bread-making project for refugees

London Evening Standard - 21 August
Friends quit jobs to set up Dusty Knuckle Bakery in Dalston — and roll out youth scheme

Sunday - 18 August (Irish Sunday Times magazine)
Rise of The Real Loaf

Nutrition Reviews - 1 August
Possible association between celiac disease and bacterial transglutaminase in food processing: a hypothesis

Bakery & Snacks - 16 July
Gluten-free products are no better for you, claims study - 12 July
The great gluten-free diet fad

Sydney Morning Herald - 22 June
What climate change will do to your loaf of bread

Daily Mail - 9 June
Forget about bare hands in factories. Here's what's truly worrying about some shop sarnies

News Shopper - 9 June
Mr Baker headteacher helps artisan bread maker

Bakery and Snacks - 3 June
Bread is ‘price war casualty’ – FoB director

British Baker - 3 June
FOB conference gives verdict on supermarket bakery

Digestion - 30 May
Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity among Patients Perceiving Gluten-Related Symptoms - 29 May
Business must play a role in rehabilitating ex-offenders

Northampton Chronicle & Echo - 25 May
New artisan bakery in Northampton to help female ex-offenders

Bord Bia (Irish Food Board) - 22 May
Rise in popularity of sourdough bread

Sustainable Food Trust - 22 May
Back in time: Retracing the path to diversity

The Guardian - 21 May
Britain needs better bread

Eating Better - 11 May
Meat-filled sandwiches leave consumers hamstrung for a healthy planet-friendly lunch

The Independent on Sunday - 10 May
How to bake bread: French master baker Eric Kayser offers 10 tips for raising a perfect loaf

The Sunday Telegraph - 10 May
Traditional sliced bread makers in crisis as consumers opt for healthier alternatives

The Guardian - 5 May
Join the baking revolution

Bakery and Snacks - 21 April
Whole grain struggle: One-fifth of UK consumers don’t eat any

Drinks Business - 20 April
Brewery makes beer from leftover bread

Sydney Morning Herald - 10 April
Coles hit with $2.5 million fine over 'fresh' bread

Daily Mail Australia - 10 April
Coles fined $2.5million for lying to shoppers about its ‘baked today’ bread…which had been made MONTHS earlier

ABC - 10 April
Coles ordered to pay $2.5 million for false 'freshly baked' bread claims; ACCC hails it as win for shoppers

The Australian - 10 April
Coles fined $2.5m for false fresh bread claims

Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety - 9 April
A Grounded Guide to Gluten: How Modern Genotypes and Processing Impact Wheat Sensitivity

Comprehensive Reviews - 17 February
A Grounded Guide to Gluten: How Modern Genotypes and Processing Impact Wheat Sensitivity

The Daily Mail - 15 February
Now bread will cost less dough: Price of a family loaf drops to as little as 55p as a result of supermarket price wars

The Daily Telegraph - 2 February
Have we got it all wrong about gluten?


Wall Street Journal - 8 December
A Road to Mental Health Through the Kitchen

Mail on Sunday - 2 November
We're jamming today - for free jam tomorrow: From 'time-banking' schemes to keeping an eye out, how it pays to be a good neighbour

The New Yorker - 3 November
Against the Grain: Should you go gluten-free?

PLOS ONE - 30 October
Effect of Breadmaking Process on In Vitro Gut Microbiota Parameters in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The Telegraph - 6 October
The Bread Exchange: what would you swap for a homemade loaf?

The Telegraph - 5 October
Helping creativity, beating depression... no wonder we all love Bake Off

Serious Eats - October
The Science of Baking Bread (And How to Do it Right)

Huffington Post - 23 September
Redefining bread

Huffington Post - 24 july
I'm Gluten Intolerant... Intolerant

New Scientist - 10 July
Time for some grains of truth about wheat and gluten

Bakery and Snacks - 7 July
Fazer closes 2 factories in industrial to in-store shift

The Daily Mail  - 18 June
All rise! Coles facing $1m fine after court rules its ‘baked fresh’ bread is anything but

Sydney Morning Herald - 18 June
Coles guilty over false 'freshly baked' bread claims

The Telegraph - 17 June
Food labels 'fool us’ into thinking products are healthy

LA Weekly - 13 June
How D.I.Y. Bakers (and Flour Millers) Are Ushering in a New Golden Age of Bread in L.A.

Vancouver Observer - 3 June
Five things to consider before going gluten-free

ITV News - 2 June
1/4 of young children think bread 'comes from animals'

Lancashire Life - 12 May
Ten of the best artisan bakers in Lancashire and the Lake District

The Grocer - 11 May
Allied Bakeries' Kingsmill defies wrapped bread sales slump

Plymouth Herald - 7 May
Devon born and bread

British Baker - 7 May
Tesco ISB staff react angrily to closure plans

Food Manufacture - 6 May
Warburtons focuses on future beyond bread dependence

Anadolu Agency - 28 April
Turkish city revives 'hanging bread' for the poor

The Florida Times Union - 28 April
One of Us: Traditional sourdough bread makers Community Loaves offering free loaves

BREAD - 10 April
15 Ideas for Better Bread

The Guardian - 25 March
Food obsessives: the people searching for the perfect cheese, bread and coffee

The Sunday Telegraph - 23 March
Grain on the brain: why is our attitude to bread so complicated?

The Daily Telegraph - 22 March
How much sugar is in your 'healthy' brown and wholemeal bread?

Marketing Week - 7 March
Kingsmill launches £6.7m bid to save ‘demonised’ white bread

The Independent - 6 March
Give us our daily artisan bread

The Daily Mail - 6 March
Fishmongers and bakers are back: Foodie demand sees 25% rise in independent food merchants on High Streets (in London anyway)

The Guardian - 12 February
Is The Freedom Bakery the new face of social enterprise?

The Daily Mail - 6 February
Subway to remove yoga mat chemical from its sandwiches after health activists launched petition

British Baker - 5 February
Warburtons rapped over ‘misleading’ advert

Food Politics - 17 January
Is wheat bad for you? Not for most people

The Guardian - 15 January
The posh toast that costs £2.50 a slice

Pacific Standard - 13 January
How did toast become the latest artisanal food craze? Ask a trivial question, get a profound, heartbreaking answer


Interdisciplinary Toxicology - December
Glyphosate, pathways to modern diseases II: Celiac sprue and gluten intolerance

Speciality Food - 28 November
Consumer Trust At All-Time Low

Packaging News - 26 November
Reversing the decline in wrapped bread

Interdisciplinary Toxicology - 12 November
Glyphosate, pathways to modern diseases II:Celiac sprue and gluten intolerance

702 ABC Sydney - 7 November
Bread and Butter Project trains refugees to bake

The Financial Times - 6 November
Sliced bread no longer greatest thing

Evening Times - 22 October
Matt bakes up a novel idea to help offenders

The Grocer - 1 October
Artisan bread trend set to stay

The Guardian - 4 October
David Cameron is not alone – Britons are buying fewer sliced loaves of bread

Stylist - 28 August
Bake Yourself Happy

BBC News - 20 August
Can baking make you happier?

Las Vegas Guardian Express - 18 August
Gluten-Intolerance Demystified

The Daily Telegraph - 17 August
Do men make better bakers?

New York Times - 30 June
A French Dining Staple Is Losing Its Place at the Table

Canberra Times - 17 July
Real sourdough rises to supermarket competition

Brisbane Times - 16 July
Honest bakeries the best thing since sliced bread

Bakery and Snacks - 16 July
Industry efforts to up wholegrain content means Danes consume more: Study

The Guardian - 11 July
Socially sound bakery hopes to make enough dough to become sustainable

Bakery and Snacks - 5 July
'No point' in cheap white sliced industrial loaves, says nutritionist

Bakery and Snacks - 5 July
The white bread slump: ‘It’s maybe our fault in promoting wholemeal’, says Federation of Bakers

The Guardian - 22 June
Why sourdough bread is good for you

The Guardian - 19 June
Bakery offers work opportunities for people with a learning disability

Key Note - 19 June
Traditional White Bread Toast, as Consumers Demand Healthier and Speciality Variants Instead

BMJ Open - 17 June
Surveys of the salt content in UK bread: progress made and further reductions possible

Prosocial - 15 June
Aroma of freshly baked bread makes you kinder

The Guardian - 12 June
Coles faces court over 'freshly baked' bread

Sydney Morning Herald / The Age - 12 June
Chew on that: Kennett's bread win

Bakery and Snacks - 11 June
‘Wholegrain is not the whole answer’ says Kellogg

The Grocer - 9 May
Is wrapped bread toast?

Good Food - 2 April
All you need is love

Chemistry Views - 5 February
Our daily bread (part 1)
See also part 2 and part 3

London SE1 - 27 January
Bread Angels course helps Southwark locals to earn a crust


Run of the Mill - winter 2012
Bread baking at Ruskin Mill College (pages 35-37)

Choice - Dec 2012 / Jan 2013
Give us this day our daily bread
© 2012 Australian Consumers' Association, hosted here with permission

Bakery and Snacks - 14 December
Traditional grains may have gluten-free potential despite negative study findings

London Evening Standard - 13 December
Artisan bakers on the rise in high street revolution

Yorkshire Evening Post - 20 November
Real bread gets a slice of the big baking revival

British Baker - 19 October
Birmingham bakery school expands

Organic Research Centre Bulletin - Summer 2012
Baking quality of genetically diverse wheat populations
In ORC’s ongoing research programme, we have been investigating the agronomic and quality parameters of winter wheat where extremely high genetic diversity is created in composite cross populations. One question is how higher diversity affects specific parameters of baking quality. Download article.

The Independent - 12 July
Baker uses its loaf as profits are sliced

IBISWorld research finds big brand sliced white bread losing market share as consumers switch to health conscious choices - 25 May
THE days of the sliced white bread loaf are numbered, new research shows, as greater numbers of health conscious Australians turn to organic, wholegrain and gourmet options. More>>

Our Daily Bread - 21-25 May
Jonathan Kent's BBC Radio 4 series takes bread as a starting point for an exploration of human history, health, faith, culture and relationships More>>

Jonathan's blog on the series: ep1, ep.2, ep.3, ep.4, ep.5

Anti-GM activists urged not to trash wheat field - 2 May
Crop scientists have appealed to anti-GM protesters not to trash a field trial of genetically modified wheat at a day of action later this month. More>>

Breadwinners to breadmakers - 22 April
What drives a bunch of thirtysomething men bristling with PhDs to start a bakery in east London? More>>

'What he saw was a real bread bakery producing real bread for real people.' - 3 April 2012
Prince Charles visits Campaign member More? Artisan in Cumbria

BBC News
Daily Express
Daily Mirror

Lactic-acid-bacteria enriched bread enhances health effects - 20 March 2012
Adding lactic acid bacteria to sourdough can improve the nutritional value of white bread without hampering product appeal, according to a study. More>>

The Journal - 2 March 2012
Beer and bread - the perfect match

American Society for Mirobiology - February 2012
Microbiotas Characterized for 19 Traditional Italian Sourdough Breads
[see also Lactic Acid Bacterium and Yeast Microbiotas of 19 SourdoughsUsed for Traditional/Typical Italian Breads: Interactions between Ingredients and Microbial Species Diversity]

Ultimate Ploughman's Lunch - 27 February 2012
Bread heads, foodies and local customers gathered at the Bakers Arms in Blaby for The Ultimate Ploughman’s Loaf Bake Off competition. More>>

February 2012
Making local food our future: a community response to the global foodsystem

Midland baker is using his loaf - 2 February 2012
A community bakery in Birmingham is issuing “bread bonds” to help finance its expansion from the owner’s kitchen to a custom built premises. More>>

Bakery & Snacks - 1 February
Hovis and Kingsmill stuck in British bread ‘slugfest’, analyst

A sourdough baking journey - 1 February 2012
My baking journey began in the mid 70’s when I took a job as a night baker in a small family bakery. There I learned the difference between a long fermentation yeasted dough and what was becoming increasing popular at that time a ‘no time yeasted dough’. More>>

Scaling Mt. Sourdough - 30 January 2012
With the right starter in hand, the bread itself is a snap. More>>


Sustain Talks 2.1 Fish, Bread and Chocolate - 19 October 2011
Video of Chris Young of the Real Bread Campaign speaking at the Royal College of Arts.

Fibre and whole grains 'reduce bowel cancer risk' - 11 November 2011
Eating more cereals and whole grains could reduce the risk of developing colorectal cancer, a BMJ study says. More>>

The amazing truth about organic food - 9 November 2011
The biggest study ever carried out comparing organic food to conventional food has just been finished by the Rodale Institute in Pennsylvania, and the results are pretty explosive. More>>

Community bakery first for Dunbar - 6 October 2011
A new community-owned bakery in East Lothian is being hailed as a prototype for other Scottish towns looking to revive their high streets. More>>

Grocery Insight  - 1 September 2011
Bakery – Much more than bread

The Bread Line - 1 June 2011
Nominated for another BAFTA for his documentary, Coppers, Simon Ford turns his attention to our daily bread. More >>

Jane Mason is earning her bread... and butter - 12 May 2011
Jane Mason wants to change the world, one person and one loaf at a time. More>>

Sector Insight: Bread and baked goods - 13 April 2011
Struggling to earn a crust. It is only the rising price of bread that is keeping the sector buoyant, as health-conscious consumers opt for cereal at the breakfast table. More>>

Awareness of nutritional labelling impacting bread sales, analyst - 8 April 2011
The decline in sales of white bread and hike in sales of brown bread in the UK is a reflection of how consumers there are opting for loaves with more dietary fibre and nutrients... More>>

Could white bread soon be toast? - 5 April 2011
...the white loaf is becoming a rare breed it seems, replaced with brown and seeded varieties by customers concerned about eating more healthily. More>>

The Daily Telegraph - 4 April
White bread falls from favour as shoppers prefer brown

Food is cheaper because costs are “externalized” - 3 April 2011
Food is cheap at market, but costs a lot elsewhere More>>

Reclaim the fields: a fight for the landless generation - 28 March 2011
Following in the footsteps of attempts to open up car-dominated city streets to the public again, activists behind 'Reclaim the Fields' want to gain public access to agricultural land. More>>

Breakthrough for coeliacs - 10 March 2011
According to a new study in Italy, slow-fermented bakery goods, such as sourdough bread, could be safe for coeliacs to eat. More>>

Manufacturers fret over EU 'defrosted' designation’ -18 February 2011
Industry concerns are growing about a possible amendment to the EU Food Information Regulation (FIR) that will require all foods frozen, then defrosted before sale, to be labelled ‘defrosted’. More>>

Specialist butchers and bakers breathe life back into the high street  - 23 January 2011
While the winter is proving challenging for most retailers, sales have risen in traditional food shops, as more consumers opt for local artisanal products. More>>

Fermented wheat flour may be safe for celiac patients, suggests study - 20 January 2011
Baked goods made from wheat flour fermented with certain micro-organisms may be tolerated by celiac disease patients, according to new research. More>>


Management Today - 1 December
Where's the dough in artisan bread?

Gas Station bread is not freshly baked - 8 October 2010
There are lured with freshly baked rolls and bread at many petrol stations and kiosks across the country, but now it's over. More>>

Group therapy - 10 June 2010
Andrew Williams visits a small village in Yorkshire and finds a business sowing the seeds of the co-operative community bakery model. More >>

Einkorn products have more carotenoids than other baked goods, says study - 9 March 2010
Einkorn (Triticum monococcum) wheat supplies more carotenoids than durum and bread wheats in finished food products, according to research. More>>

Barley bread could reduce obesity levels, claim USDA scientists - 5 March 2010
Whole grain oat or barley breads that offer more antioxidants, fibre and cholesterol lowering components than those found in current whole-wheat breads is one aim of research being carried out in the US. More>>

Better Bread With Less Kneading - 23 February 2010
Labor-saving bread books are nothing new, but the current crop includes several by respected professional bakers, and a consensus that kneading just isn’t necessary for good homemade bread. Most proclaim the virtues of doughs that are too wet and sticky to knead, nothing like the resilient doughs of the past.   More>>


Bread chemistry - October 2009
The ancient tradition of bread baking depends on a cascade of chemical reactions. As scientists have unravelled this complex chemistry, they have also found myriad ways to modify the process. More>>

Traceability and ethical concerns in the UK wheat-bread chain: from food safety to provenance to transparency - 2009
This study examines the traceability systems that have emerged in the wheat to bread supply in the UK, and the ethical concerns that have emerged within this supply process. More>>

The Bread We Waste - Autumn 2009
The past, present and future for the world's wasted food. More>>

Norfolk Mill goes back to its roots - 28 July 2009
On Saturday, in celebration of the beginning of the harvest and a new season of grain, visitors
to Denver Windmill, in West Norfolk, will be able to experience and follow bread making from plough to plate at a traditional Lammas festival. More>>

The Daily Telegraph - 4 June
Lighthouse Bakery School: guiding light

Bakers face ban on claiming salty breads are healthy - 25 February 2009
Britain's most-popular brands of bread could be banned from trumpeting the health benefits of their loaves because they are too salty, under draft EU regulations. More>>


Resurgence Slow Sunday - September 2008
On Sunday 28th September, Resurgence magazine are encouraging their readers to “Bake bread to save the planet” - a simple action that symbolises a rejection of commercialism, a passion for the planet and a desire for change. More>>

Andrew Whitley's 'Do Lecture' - September 2008
The problems with industrial bread and why Real Bread is best.

Bread prices could rise as rain hits wheat - August 2008
The price of a loaf of bread could rise as the wet August is threatening to ruin up to 90 per cent of the wheat crop. More>>

Farmers Guardian - June 2008
Bread market is changing, so should wheat growers worry?

Rising costs could cook up opportunity for UK organic bakers - June 2008
The rising costs of fertilisers and other agricultural inputs could boost the output of organic foods and provide more locally sourced grain for organic bakers. More>>

Experiements on wheat populations - June 2008
Professor Martin Wolfe, Research Director of Elm Farm Research Centre, is conducting experiments at Wakelyns Farm in Suffolk that question the consensus that monoculture systems – including those for wheat - give the best yields. More>>

Prison bakery provides inmates with bread of life on the outside - June 2008
There was a time when cakes were useful to prisoners only if they contained lockpicks. Now baking is providing a legitimate escape route for some inmates in South Yorkshire. More>>

Maximum of six grams salt per day is recommended by the Food Standard Agency (FSA) - March 2008
A high level of salt in diets is one of the biggest problems in Western societies today. High salt intake is responsible for increasing blood pressure (hypertension) and can lead to cardiovascular disease (CVD) - a disease that causes almost 50 per cent of deaths in Europe. More>>  

Sourdough -  leavened bread improves postprandial glucose and insulin plasma levels in subjects with impaired glucose tolerance - March 2008
Sourdough bread has been reported to improve glucose metabolism in healthy subjects. In this study postprandial glycaemic and insulinaemic responses were evaluated in subjects with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) who had a meal containing sourdough bread leavened with lactobacilli, in comparison to a reference meal containing bread leavened with baker's yeast. More>>

High glycemic index leads to health problems - March 2008
Foods with a high glycemic index (GI), such as most white breads, lead to a higher risk of certain health problems, according to researchers at the University of Sydney, Australia. More>>


Use your loaf . . . get a taste for real bread - November 2007
Major food manufacturers claim that the British like the taste and texture of sliced white bread. More>>

The Half Baked Truth - November 2007
The average loaf is full of emulsifiers and preservatives. What happened to real bread? More>>

Should flour be fortified with folic acid? - October 2007
The Food Standards Agency thinks it should – in order to reduce the number of spina bifida babies born in the UK. More>>

Behind the label: Hovis - May 2007
Mix flour, water and yeast and you’ve got a tasty loaf of bread. But make your bread the industrial way and you’ll end up eating more than you bargained for. More>> - 10 January
Does your daily bread contain human hair?


The Independent - 24 August
The shocking truth about bread

The Telegraph - 13 May
Savvy shopper: bakery goods

VEGA - 19 April
Michael Bateman, 1932 to 2006. A Real Bread Winner


New York Times - 10 March 2004
Taking the Artisan Out of Artisanal: Good Bread Goes Commercial

Real Bread Making - January 2004
Bread made from whole and natural ingredients is a staple food providing integral protein, carbohydrates, and fibre. Mass-produced white bread bought off the shelf does not. More>>

Supermarket in-store bakeries are nothing but bogus ‘retail theatre’ More>>

Bread Street
Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming commissioned Sara Hannant to document some of London’s artisan and ethnic bakers: reflecting both the culinary and cultural experiences of bakers and consumers.

2003 - 21 August
Let them eat focaccia

The Guardian - 24 May
Directory: Bread


Daily Mail - 31 January
Bread with 'hidden' GM ingredient


Bread is big business, says Satish Kumar, but whether it is any good for us or not, we can no longer be sure. More>>


The enzyme a-amylase (from Aspergillus oryzae) used in bakeries to improve bread quality has been identified as an inhalative allergen in baker’s asthma. It is uncertain whether this enzyme can induce allergic sensitization in regular bread consumers (taken from Clinical and Experimental Allergy 2000. More>>


The Independent - 20 November
Give us this day our daily bread

BBC Business - 5 Feburary
Supermarket bread war escalates

During the last 50 years yields of wheat have increase steadily due to greater use of e.g. nitrogen fertilisers and crop protecting chemicals which brings concerns about the quality of the wheat we are eating. More>>


The supermarket wars that put small shops on the bread line. More>>


Science - July
Investigation of Ancient Egyptian Baking and Brewing Methods by Correlative Microscopy


Supermarket `real bread' ruins the small bakers. More>>


The Independent on Sunday - 18 April
FOOD & DRINK: The Russian rye revolution


The Independent - 17 October
A plain case for raising standards: Flours vary by much more than the colour of their packets, as Joanna Blythman discovered in our bread and cake baking test

Real Bread Campaign: The Real Bread Campaign finds and shares ways to make bread better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet. Whether your interest is local food, community-focussed small enterprises, honest labelling, therapeutic baking, or simply tasty toast, everyone is invited to become a Campaign supporter.

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