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The Sustain alliance is governed by its membership, which is open to national organisations that do not distribute profits to private shareholders and thus operate in the public interest.

Members must be wholly or partly interested in food and/or farming issues and support the general aims and work of the alliance. Sustain’s membership usually meets once a year in a general session at the Annual General Meeting, and many members also attend a range of specialist policy and project working party meetings, which are usually chaired by a member of Sustain's Council of Trustees, as well as specialist events tackling issues of common concern.

The current members of Sustain's Council of Trustees are listed below - highly experienced and much valued advisors on Sustain's governance and strategic direction. They are elected by Sustain's membership (and a minimum of one third of the Council must stand down each year) to form a governing body of up to 15 Trustees.

All Trustees declare any relevant interests when they are elected, and at the beginning of each quarterly meeting, and these interests are publicly available on Sustain’s website (see below). Sustain’s Council of Trustees meets quarterly to guide the work of the alliance, subject to approval by the members.

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Please note that under the terms of UK law, it is not legal for anyone with an unspent criminal conviction to serve as a senior member of staff, finance lead or charity trustee (without special waiver); and it is not legal for anyone with a criminal conviction, spent or unspent, to serve as a senior member of staff, finance lead or charity trustee if that individual is on the sex offenders register. All Sustain trustees, senior management team and the head of finance have confirmed that they are eligible to serve in their roles.

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Sustain advocates food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals, improve the working and living environment, promote equity and enrich society and culture.

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