• Campaigning to fix
    hospital food for good

    We want the government to:

    1) Set new, higher quality standards for hospital food.
    2) Put the standards into law.
    3) Get the standards checked by an independent organisation trusted by patients and staff.

  • Animal welfare standards

    To ensure hospital meat, dairy and eggs are produced in a way which is kind to animals. These standards can be cheap and easy to achieve e.g.

      chicken and pork meeting RSPCA welfare standards
      eggs to be cage-free

    Help us ward off cruelty now

  • Kitchen standards

    To put kitchens back into the heart of our hospitals, enabling cooks to prepare fresh meals using the best produce.

    Help us Keep Hospitals Cooking

  • Health standards

    To certify that hospital meals are nutritious and help patients to recover.

    Healthy patient meals will also inspire hospital visitors and staff to eat better, thereby protecting their health too.

  • Environmental

    To guarantee that hospital food is produced without the excessive use of agricultural chemicals, and does not cause water pollution or accelerate the destruction of precious rainforest.

  • Fish standards

    To protect the future of our most loved seafood, and ensure that hospital patients will have delicious fish to eat for generations to come.

  • Fair trade standards

    To give assurance that farmers in poor countries who produce hospital food are provided good working conditions and fair pay.

What food standards do you want to see?

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Think Jeremy Hunt’s hospital food plans woefully inadequate? Take action to demand real change to patient meals.

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