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A future US trade deal could fuel obesity and diabetes crisis

Children’s health experts fear a future trade deal with the US could undermine UK efforts to reduce sugar consumption and import American levels of diet-related diseases alongside their produce.

19/03/2018   Better Food Britain

Where have all the food police gone?

Fresh analysis from Sustain, the food and farming alliance, suggests that Britain’s domestic regulators are hopelessly ill equipped for the extra work load that leaving the EU will entail.

13/03/2018   Brexit

Restaurants scramble to hire staff before Brexit exodus

Hotels, pubs, bars and restaurants are on a hiring spree - despite a consumer downturn - because they fear a shortage of migrant workers when Britain leaves the EU.

13/03/2018   Brexit

‘Don’t Hide What’s Inside’

GM Freeze call for compulsory GM labelling and strict regulation on growing and importing GM crops.

08/03/2018   Brexit

How organic farming can make the UK a world leader in food

The Organic Research Centre is awarded government funding for two major research projects on organic farming.

07/03/2018   Food and Farming Policy

Submission for EFRA Committee Inquiry: Trade in sugar post-Brexit

Sustain submitted the following submission for the House of Commons EFRA Committee Inquiry on how the sugar industry will be affected by Brexit and the options for an optimal trade policy surrounding sugar following-Brexit. 

01/03/2018   Food and Farming Policy

Sustain submission to MP Inquiry on Labour Constraints

Sustain submitted the following submission for the House of Commons EFRA Committee Inquiry into Labour constraints.

28/02/2018   Food and Farming Policy

Sustain initial response to Defra consultation on post-Brexit farm policy: Strong ambition but misses tricks

Defra publishes ten-week consultation on the UK's first major new farming legislation since 1947. Sustain's Farming Campaign Coordinator Vicki Hird gives an initial response to seeing a version of the consultation.

27/02/2018   Brexit

Animal welfare after Brexit

Wildlife and Countryside Link have published a detailed analysis of animal welfare standards post-Brexit. The report is supported by more than 40 organisations and a number of MPs and Peers.

23/02/2018   Food and Farming Policy

Fears new trade deals with US will increase UK food poisoning

Fresh analysis by Sustain published today flags food safety fears for future UK trade deals.Figures suggest that the percentage of people who fall ill with food poisoning annually is ten times higher in the US than the UK. Sustain fears treating increased food poisoning could increase deaths from food poisoning and cost the NHS and UK economy at least £1bn extra per year.

21/02/2018   Brexit

Sustain response to Michael Gove Speech at National Farmers Union Conference

20/02/2018   Food and Farming Policy

UK free-trade think tank says American beef is a Brexit ‘gain’

An influential UK free-trade think tank has identified eating American beef as a ‘gain’ for British consumers from post-Brexit trade deals, whilst claiming food safety and health concerns about US food standards are ‘myths’.

19/02/2018   Brexit

Parliamentary committee tells government: don’t sacrifice high food standards for trade deals

A parliamentary committee has told the government’s Brexit and trade negotiators that they must not sacrifice Britain’s high food standards in order to secure trade deals.

18/02/2018   Brexit

Food and farming groups condemn Government response to unfair trading practices as ‘utterly weak’

The Government has today failed to protect British and overseas farmers from unfair trading practices by refusing to extend the remit of the Groceries Code Adjudicator to include primary producers.

16/02/2018   Food and Farming Policy

Germany plans to improve animal welfare, cut processed foods and support organic

In a coalition deal agreed on 7 February the German government sets out its food and farming plans.

15/02/2018   Food and Farming Policy

Sustain responds to Labour Party animal welfare proposals

Sustain's chief executive Kath Dalmeny welcomes Labour's proposals for a raft of new animal welfare measures, published in today's Guardian newspaper.

14/02/2018   Food and Farming Policy

Sustain allies Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics reveal huge levels of antibiotics in US farming

New data revealed by the Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics has revealed that livestock raised for food in the US are dosed with five times as much antibiotic medicine as farm animals in the UK.

08/02/2018   Brexit

Inquiry into farm workers re-launched

Government re-opens investigation into the labour situation for those working in agriculture, horticulture and food production. Sustain will be submitting evidence to the inquiry.

08/02/2018   Agri-Food Network

US farming uses five times as much antibiotics as UK

The Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics warn post-Brexit deal-makers not to lower UK farm standards to match US - where antibiotic use is five times higher than in the UK

08/02/2018   Save Our Antibiotics

Sustain sets out the case against cheap food imports

Last week Sustain submitted evidence to the Trade Bill Committee in Parliament. In it we argued that cheap food imports are a risk to our health and to 3.9m jobs in the UK's food and farming industries.


07/02/2018   Brexit


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