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Hormone beef row erupts at Tory Party Conference

The issue of hormone treated beef has erupted at the Tory Party Conference after North East Somerset MP Jacob Rees-Mogg told a fringe event audience he wanted 'hormone-injected beef from Australia'.

Arial shot of industrial animal production. Credit: Dan Prat

Arial shot of industrial animal production. Credit: Dan Prat

In widely reported remarks, Mr Rees-Mogg said: “I’ve eaten beef in Australia, it was absolutely delicious, there’s nothing wrong with it and they should be allowed to export it here because we want lower costs.”

In an interview with the BBC he went on to say: " I was visiting farmers in my constituency last week. The successful farmers in North East Somerset can  compete globally, effectively, cheaply, economically, and they're investing."

He also accused Minette Batters, the head of the National Farmers Union, of protectionism. She dismissed him as 'irrelevant' and that she felt sorry for the farmers he represents in his constituency.

Meanwhile, Farmers Weekly has reported that farmers in Canada are campaigning for their government to block the accession of the UK to the trans pacific partnership trade deal (CPTPP) on the grounds that the UK has ruled out accepting hormone beef.

Will White, farming co-ordinator at Sustain responded:

"UK farmers are not protectionist in wanting to keep hormone treated beef out of the UK. They moved away from using growth promoting hormones decades ago. This is about maintaining UK standards and ensuring food safety. The UK government should not be striking deals that facilitate trade in produce that consumers reject and that undermines UK farmers. Farmers need support to transition to farming that is good for people and planet."






Published Wednesday 4 October 2023

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