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Labelling campaign meets industry pushback

Industry lawyer says that 'method of production' labelling, which would allow consumers to choose meat and dairy products based on welfare standards, would be too complicated to implement.

25/11/2016   Sustain

Pesticide companies will have to share information

The EU Court of Justice has announced that information about pesticides, their ingredients and their effects on the environment can no longer be hidden behind commercial confidentiality clauses and instead will have to be made available to those requesting it.

25/11/2016   Sustain

Diageo the latest food company to face strikes over pension cuts

Strikes may affect up to 50 Scottish distilleries, as the company that paid its Chief Executive nearly £4m last year is accused of 'Scrooge-like' behaviour towards its workers.

25/11/2016   Sustain

Changing climate may thwart plans for 'sustainable intensification'

A research paper suggests that climate change could undermine efforts to meet an expanding demand for food by growing more on existing croplands.

25/11/2016   Sustain

The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association is recruiting a CEO

The non-profit organisation that promotes exclusive grazing for ruminants has grown from nothing, mainly on goodwill, over the past five years, and now wants help to expand and become self-financing.

25/11/2016   Sustain

Targets urgently needed for reducing sugar in fizzy drinks

Research shows that fizzy drinks contain 'alarming' but variable amounts of sugar -- suggesting that levels could be cut without technical problems. Meanwhile, teenagers are drinking 'a bathtub' of them every year. 

25/11/2016   Sustain

Campaign group working to safeguard antibiotics shortlisted for award

The Alliance to Save our Antibiotics has been shortlisted for an award that recognises the efforts and achievements of European NGOs in reducing threats to human health.

25/11/2016   Sustain

From hazard to risk: the devil in the Brexit detail

At a meeting between the pesticide sector and the regulator, there was a strong wish to replace EU agrichemical regulation with a new, potentially weaker, approach.

18/11/2016   Sustain

Urgent action demanded on antibiotic resistance

Campaigners call for an end to 'mass medication' of farm animals, as data released during World Antibiotics Awareness Week show that more and more bacteria are becoming resistant to these critical drugs.

18/11/2016   Sustain

CIWF calls on salmon farmers to abandon 'heat shock' lice treatment

Nearly 100,000 salmon are reported to have been killed on a single farm, when they were overheated during the use of a new device, the ‘thermolicer’, intended to remove lice from intensively farmed fish.

18/11/2016   Sustain

The case for a total phase-out of glyphosate

Amid a fog of information and misinformation, PAN International has produced a 'state of the science' review setting out all the chemical's known adverse effects.

18/11/2016   Sustain

Too many British babies on the bottle

A new report shows that governments, local authorities, planners and employers could boost the UK's low breastfeeding rates by taking steps to make mothers feel more confident, and providing better support and facilities for breastfeeding.

18/11/2016   Sustain

Report warns of Treasury risk to green agenda

A parliamentary committee has warned that the Treasury's focus on short-term gains could jeopardise efforts to make economic sectors more sustainable  --  a finding with implications for agriculture policy post-Brexit.

18/11/2016   Sustain

EU money to promote meat consumption stirs protest

Campaign groups are outraged that EU money is being used to promote meat consumption, when most research suggests that eating less meat is better for people and planet.

18/11/2016   Sustain

Taskforce recommends EU laws to end retailers' unfair trading practices

A report commissioned by the European Commission that calls for legally binding rules to protect farmers from retailers' unfair trading practices has provoked a fierce reaction.

18/11/2016   Food and Farming Policy

London’s Tooth Fairies to give Coca Cola Truck Tour a 'tooth friendly' send off

The Coca Cola Christmas Trucks kick off their UK tour in Spitalfields, London, and Children's Food Campaign's 'tooth fairies' will be back to give it a special 'tooth-friendly' send off. Health campaigners will be handing out toothbrushes to families and commuters close to the Bishops Square Coca Cola Truck location on 17 November from 5.30pm, and calling for the company to end its war against the Government’s Childhood Obesity Plan.

17/11/2016   Children's Food Campaign

How will the countryside fare after Brexit?

John Craven, writing for Countryfile, asks what will the impact be on the British countryside, its people, its ways and its wildlife once we have left the European Union...with some views from Sustain's Ben Reynolds. 

17/11/2016   Sustain

30 out of 33 London councils doing more to improve food

The results of the sixth annual survey of food initiatives supported by London councils have been published by campaigning network London Food Link. The ‘Good Food For London’ report, supported by the Mayor of London and national food and farming organisations, measures progress and encourages local councils to take action on good food.

15/11/2016   London Food Link

25,000 poorer Londoners missing out on £6million that could reduce food poverty

A new report from London Food Link, part of the charity Sustain [1] tracks progress made by boroughs on addressing food poverty in the capital. The report presents findings of responses to London Food Link's survey against 9 measures; 28 out of 33 responded to this survey.[2]

15/11/2016   Food Poverty

Crumb together the Real Bread Ireland way

On 12 November 2016, a group of bakers from around the Emerald Isle met up for their last regular get together of the year. The format should be an inspiration to Real Bread bakers in other parts of the world.

15/11/2016   Real Bread Campaign


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