The benefits of community food gardens celebrated in new film

In Capital Growth's short film they celebrate the first year of Community Harvest initiative, which provided fresh healthy food for thousands of Londoners during the pandemic.  

Published: 29 Jun 2021

In summer 2020, the Community Harvest initiative launched to help community gardens across London, Manchester and Reading to respond to the pandemic - providing them with the tools, materials, and advice to help grow more food for their communities,

It was launched by Capital Growth, part of charity Sustain, who run a network to support urban growers Communtiy Harvest in London was delivered the project with Incredible Edible Barnet, Incredible Edible Lambeth and the Union of Hackney Gardens.

Created by Emily Munster, the film describes the challenges community gardens and food banks in London faced during the pandemic, showcasing the incredible resilience and optimism shown by growers and volunteers in difficult times.   

Capital Growth Coordinator, Fi McAllister commented.

"This film really highlights the increasingly important role community food growing plays in creating resilient communities. They not only provide food for people living near the gardens, but importantly access to green space and nature in our cities, which makes us feel better"

Find out more about Community Harvest and watch the film.