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Glyphosate set for EU re-approval despite cancer concerns

Environmental NGOs have filed a legal complaint against  EU authorities for approving the continued use of  glyphosate, ignoring advice from an international cancer research agency that it is a probable carcinogen.

04/03/2016   Sustain

Salt content of processed foods going up

Research by Consensus Action on Salt and Health shows that many everyday foods contain more salt now than they did five years ago.

04/03/2016   Sustain

Call for good practice for report on out of home food

The Institute of Food Safety Integrity & Protection (TIFSIP) are requesting information on best practice and case studies in interventions designed to improve the out of home food environment for a new Public Health England toolkit.

03/03/2016   Sustain

Food and Farming in the EU Referendum April event

Food Ethics Council and Kindling Trust are organising a Manchester event on 19 April titled EU Referendum: a spotlight on food and farming which will explore the implications of a Brexit for the food we eat and the way we produce it.

03/03/2016   Sustain

MSC certifies 20,000th product

The sustainable seafood certifier's milestone product shows how certified sustainable fish and shellfish now traverse the globe

26/02/2016   Sustain

Organic sales surge upwards for third year running

Sales of organic grocery products climbed by 4.9% last year to £1.95bn – outperforming the non-organic grocery market as a whole, which contracted by 1%

26/02/2016   Sustain

Event: Tackling climate change through sustainable food systems

The Square Meal group plans an event to debate the food policy changes urgently needed to tackle climate change.

26/02/2016   Sustain

Factory-farmed rabbit petition: deadline

The deadline for signing Compassion in World Farming's petition to end the cruel caging of farmed rabbits is 9 March.

26/02/2016   Sustain

Scotland to cut food waste by a third by 2025

Scotland becomes the first country in Europe to commit to a food waste reduction target.

26/02/2016   Sustain

Scottish coalition for a better food system launches

A civil society coalition campaigning for a just transition to a better food system launches in Scotland, calling for a Food, Farming and Health Act

26/02/2016   Sustain

New five-year-plan from Defra

The objectives of Defra's most recent corporate-style five-year plan are to protect the environment, boost food and farming, and safeguard rural livelihoods

26/02/2016   Sustain

Fast food chains fail to act on threat from antibiotic-resistant bacteria

A new report reveals that Global fast food brands are not using their supply chain power to counter the threat from antibiotic-resistant bacteria in livestock

26/02/2016   Sustain

Childhood Obesity Strategy delayed by Government until summer

The Government appear to be in confusion about how to tackle Childhood Obesity. By delaying a strategy that was originally promised in 2015, they now seem to be downgrading the importance of dealing with the Childhood Obesity crisis.

26/02/2016   Children's Food Campaign

New research: sugary drinks duty a small tax with large effects

A new report by Cancer Research UK concludes that the impact of a sugary drinks tax on obesity rates would be significant.  It is predicted that a 20% tax on sugary drinks in the UK would prevent 3.7 million people becoming obese. This would save the NHS £10m a year by 2025.

23/02/2016   Sugary Drinks Duty

Documentary: Young & Obese - Confronting the Crisis? ITV 25 Feb 7.30pm

With a third of 11-year-olds overweight or obese, Britain is heading for a public health disaster. Larger children often grow up to be heavyweight adults, making them more prone to a range of chronic illnesses including diabetes, heart disease and even some cancers. But will a new Government initiative be bold enough to turn the tide? 


22/02/2016   Children's Food Campaign

Three in 10 Britons have reduced meat consumption

Three in ten people in Britain say they have reduced the amount of meat they eat in the past 12 months, and a further one in ten said they were considering reducing their meat intake or cutting meat completely, according to a survey commissioned by the Vegetarian Society

19/02/2016   Sustain

Convenience meals disconnecting people from food

Research commissioned by the Food Standards Agency suggests that the trend towards convenience foods, online grocery shopping, and 'eating on the go' could decrease the social and cultural importance of sharing meals

19/02/2016   Sustain

'Invisible shopping' in a smarter food world: Utopia or Dystopia?

The City Food Lecture 2016 presented a gadget-laden vision of the food of the future, with smart fridges, intelligent mugs and websites that do the shopping

19/02/2016   Sustain

Six ways to shift sugar consumption

A briefing paper from the Food Research Collaboration presents six policy proposals to help reduce sugar consumption, now widely considered essential to combat obesity, diabetes and other forms of diet-related ill-health. The cross-cutting propsals aim to tackle both consumption and production of sugar

19/02/2016   Sustain

Omega-3 higher in organic meat and dairy

Organic milk and meat have been found to contain more beneficial omega-3 fatty acids  than conventional versions, according to a large study published in the British Journal of Nutrition

19/02/2016   Sustain


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