Marine Conservation Society ratings

Marine Conservation SocietyTrying to work out the sustainability of any particular seafood can seem like a complex issue. But the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has assessed and rated over 150 species of fish and shellfish according to their biology, stock status, fisheries management and impact of the particular fishing or farming method used.

This information can help point you in the right direction when choosing your seafood, however, sustainability varies over time and from place to place, with differences right down to the individual boat or farm, so knowing as much as possible about your seafood supply is important. As well as looking at MCS guidance, talk with your supplier to check the details of your specific supply. You can ask your supplier to provide you with comprehensive information about the sustainability of the fish they provide to you, using the Good Catch sustainable seafood audit template.

What the MCS ratings mean

Marine Conservation Society ratings

Use the 'Advanced Search' facility on to find the MCS ratings. To search, you will need to know the species' scientific name, where it is caught or farmed and how it is caught or farmed.

Good Catch is a joint project of MCS, MSC, Seafood Choices and Sustain - helping chefs, restaurants and caterers navigate seafood sustainability.

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