Welcome to Good Catch

Good Catch provides practical information for chefs, caterers and restaurateurs, making it easier for them to serve more sustainable seafood.

Step 1 - Gather information

Understand the sustainablity of seafood you currently serve - how and where is it caught or farmed?

Step 2 - Source sustainably

Choose your seafood options wisely: Avoid the worst, promote the best and improve the rest

Step 3 - State your commitment

Be clear about your business's commitment and buying practices with a publicly available policy

Step 4 - Communicate clearly

Spread the word with customers and your whole team - try training, menus, leaflets, websites and much more

Step 5 - Influence wider progress

Encourage others to join your seafood sustainability journey


Good Catch is a joint project of MCS, MSC, Seafood Choices and Sustain - helping chefs, restaurants and caterers navigate seafood sustainability.

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