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How do I join?

To become a Real Bread Campaign supporter, please:

  1. Visit the 'Join the Real Bread Campaign' page.
  2. Choose your level of support.
  3. Let us know if you would you like to make a one-off or recurring payment.
  4. Add your contact details.
  5. Review your details.
  6. Make your secure payment with PayPal.
  7. Return to the Real Bread Camapaign website to create a 'Dashboard' login.

What happens after you join?

Once you have made payment, you'll receive two automatic emails pretty much straight away: one from PayPal to confirm payment and one from us confirming your supporter number.*

If you're a new supporter we'll also post a copy of True Loaf to you if you're in the UK or a link to the PDF download if you're overseas.

* If you don't, please check your email account's spam or junk folder, in case your service provider diverted the message. you can also check your number here.

Supporter levels

These discounted rates are for people who set up automatic annual subscription payments.

Supporter level Discounted rate
Level 1: individuals £22.50
Level 2 £45
Level 3 £67.50
Level 4 £99

(If you choose to pay by card each year, rather than automatic payment, the standard rates are £25/50/75/110)

We leave it up to you to decide at which level you will support our charity, but if you run a  business we urge you to choose one that reflects its turnover.

We also ask that you encourage your staff to support us as individuals, so that they can each get the various benefits themselves.

Entry level

As we welcome EVERYONE, we have set Level 1 support at £22.50*, which works out to less than £2 a month, and we haven't changed our rates since 2009!

We encourage business owners and representatives of orgainsations to join at a higher level and/or encouraging their staff members/volunteers to join as well. Even if you're joining in your own name, please consider choosing a higher level of support if you're able.

NB This is really intended for individuals, though we welcome representatives from businesses below the VAT threshold and not-for-profits to join at this level.

* £25 if you choose not to set up a subscription.

Higher levels

As we're the only organisation fighting the corner for Real Bread we think it's fair to ask for a bit more from the larger companies that benefit directly and indirectly from our work.

From time to time, we have offers only available to people who support us at these higher levels.

How do I check if my Campaign support is up to date?

  1. Log into your Real Bread Dashboard.
  2. If your Campaign support is up to date, it will say so clearly on the Dashboard homepage.

If you have any problems please drop us a line -

Don’t worry – if you let your support lapse we’ll send you and email to remind you to renew.

Where can I find my supporter number?

The automatic email you receive from us when you complete the supporter application and payment process contains your supporter number. Or:

  1. Log into your Real Bread Dashboard.
  2. If your Campaign support is up to date, your supporter number will appear clearly on the Dashboard homepage.

Can I use the Real Bread Campaign logo?

We LOVE people using our logos in the following two ways:

The 'Proud to support the Real Bread Campaign' badge
This is for Campaign supporters to use on blogs, websites and printed ephemera: y'know, leaflets and that. Supporters can download the badge here

The Real Bread Loaf Mark
Want to give your customers an at a glance assurance that a loaf you bake is what the Campaign calls Real Bread? Read all about this scheme here.

To avoid confusion, we ONLY allow our regular logo (the one at the top left of this page) to be used for editorial features about the Campaign, not on websites to promote bakeries, blogs, bread bags, posters or anything else that might be mistaken as a sign of endorsement by the Campaign.

How do I update my contact details?

If you change your email or postal address, please let us know so that we can stay in touch.

  1. Log into your Real Bread Dashboard.
  2. Look for the 'Your contact details' panel and click 'Update'.

Payment methods

We accept payment in two ways:

By online subscription (This is the way that the majority of our supporters pay)

You simply set up the automatic payment with a debit/credit card online and your subscription goes out automatically on the same day each year.

As a thank you for making things easier for us we give you a 10% discount each year on the standard supporter rate.

We use PayPal as the provider of this secure payment service. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can simply set one up during the application process.

You can get more information, assistance and advice about your PayPal account/payments in the PayPal Help Center

By online annual payment

Don't want a PayPal account or would simlply prefer to decide about your support a year at a time? You can simply pay online with your credit or debit card online via PayPal's secure payment system.

Please note the 10% discount doesn't apply.

Other payment methods

Sorry but we don't have the facilities to accept payment over the phone, by BACS, bank transfer, account, cash, bartering loaves or anything else.

Start or renew your support


Can I make donation?

  • Feel that even £22.50 each year is a bit much for you but still want to help our charity?
  • Support us already but feeling flush this month and want to chip in a bit more?
  • Loving our work and want to slip us some serious dough?

If your answer to any of these is 'yes', then we'd love you to make a one off doughation.

How do I move up to a higher supporter level?

So, you’d like to increase your support for the Campaign’s work? Fantastic, thank you!

We have four levels.

When your support next comes up for renewal:

  • If you pay as a one off by card or cheque, simply pick a higher level
  • If you set up automatic subscription payments, sadly PayPal doesn't make it as easy as it should be...

You'll need to cancel those automatic payments, then set them up again at a higher level when it's time to renew. Alternatively, you can choose to cancel at any point in the year and set up new payments at a higher level, donating what you have already paid for the remaining months to our charity's work

And, of course, if you want to chip a bit more into the kitty at any point, you can always make a doughnation.

Why did a supporter payment go from my account automatically?

When you begin or renew your support, we give you the choice of:

  • Paying by card or cheque to support us for just one year at the standard rate, or
  • Setting up a PayPal subscription to pay at the discounted rate automatically each year

PayPal can ONLY send us money from your account automatically if you choose to set this up. 

PayPal does not (and indeed cannot) take any payment from you to pass onto us without your permission.


If you choose the automatic payment option, we take great care to make clear before and during the process that we will be collecting payments from you each year.

The process includes you clicking to confirm that you understand and accept the conditions.

To allow you to note the details in you diary, we display this message on screen:

'Future payments: Sustain will collect £[amount] each year on [date]. You can cancel your subscription instantly using PayPal, or by contacting Sustain.'

When you make your first and all subsequent supporter payments, you will receive a receipt from PayPal. We follow this up with an email to confirm that we have received it and to say thank you.

You can get more information, assistance and advice about your PayPal account/payments in the PayPal Help Center

Cancelling automatic payments

If you decide to cancel your automatic annual subscription payments, we respect your decision and thank you for your support.

To end the subscription, which will stop any future payments being made to us automatically:

  • Go to the PayPal website and login to your account
  • Click on 'Profile' or 'payments'
  • Click on 'My Money'
  • Look for 'My Preapproved Payments' or 'manage pre-approved payments'
  • Next to 'Manage the automatic payments, subscriptions, and instalment plan payments I send to merchants' click on 'Update'
  • From the list of all active and cancelled billing agreements and subscriptions, choose the  automatic subscription payments to Sustain for Real Bread Campaign membership and click 'cancel' or 'cancel automatic billing'
  • You will be asked to confirm that you want to cancel, so click 'yes'

You can get more information, assistance and advice about your PayPal account/payments in the PayPal Help Center

I joined you so why isn't my bakery on the Real Bread Map?

Being a Campaign supporter and having a listing on our map are related (see below) but separate. To put yourself on the map, you need to login and add the details.

How do I improve my Real Bread Map listing?

The algorithm that bumps bakeries up search result listings takes into considerations factors including:

  • If the record has a photo in it
  • Whether the bakery is a Real Bread Campaign supporter
  • How recently the listing details were updated

Login to your record to do any or all of these.

How do I access the Campaign supporters’ forum?

When you join us, you will receive an invitation to access The Real Baker-e, hosted by Yahoo Groups. You can also apply to access the forum at a later date.

Too many messages from The Real Baker-e?

If you'd prefer to receive just one email a day from the forum, rather than one for every message your fellow members post:

  • Log into the forum at Yahoo! Groups
  • Click on membership
  • From the dropdown menu select 'edit membership'
  • Under 'my membership' click the editing pencil next to 'Subscription'
  • Click on 'Daily digest'
  • Click 'save'

This also gives you the option to not receive any emails at all, though then you run the risk of missing out on stuff like the lightning competitions we post there from time to time...

Back issues of True Loaf

Supporters can download PDF versions of past issues here.

In order to keep waste and costs to a minimum, we have a very tight print run for the magazine and so don't have hard copies of back issues.

Supporter, member or friend?

Rather than being a membership organisation with an AGM and everyone in it having voting rights and so on, the Real Bread Campaign is a project run by the charity Sustain. As such, we don't have members.

Instead, we see everyone who signs up to our enewsletter, adds their details to the Real Bread map, downloads a publication, follows/likes us on social media, or otherwise interacts with us, to be our friend.

Those who take the extra step of joining us and in doing so supporting our charity's work are (you guessed it) our supporters.

Not all bakeries listed on the Real Bread Map are Campaign supporters and, conversely, not all Campaign supporters create Real Bread Map listing for themselves.

Real Bread Campaign: The Real Bread Campaign finds and shares ways to make bread better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet. Whether your interest is local food, community-focussed small enterprises, honest labelling, therapeutic baking, or simply tasty toast, everyone is invited to become a Campaign supporter.

Ways to support our charity’s work

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