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Alan Johnson criticised for u-turn on compulsory cookery lessons.

More than 50 organisations have written to Alan Johnson MP to express their disappointment at the Department for Education's u-turn on its commitment to make practical cookery skills a compulsory part of the school curriculum.

12/10/2006   Children's Food Campaign

Britain is now the most obese country in Europe

Commenting on the news that Britain is now the most obese country in Europe, Richard Watts of the Children's Food Campaign said..

10/10/2006   Children's Food Campaign

OFCOM figures show support for tough rules on TV junk food advert

..we are disappointed that Ofcom have, yet again, made a pig's ear of this consultation by not researching people's views on the option of a 9pm watershed for junk food TV adverts.

09/10/2006   Children's Food Campaign

Due South donation heads north

For the last year the Due South has been inviting everyone who eats at the restaurant to add an extra pound per head to their bill to support charities that are involved with sustainable food production and distribution

09/10/2006   Sustain

Olympic Procurement Policy consultation

London Food Link have submitted a response to the consultation on the ODAs (Olympic Delivery Authority's) procurement policy.

02/10/2006   London Food Link

Campaigners slam OFCOM secrecy and spin

The Children's Food Bill coalition has slammed the communications regulator Ofcom for their secrecy over the results of their consultation on junk food advertising aimed at children.

04/08/2006   Children's Food Campaign

The considerate hotel of the year award 2006

Applications for The Considerate Hotel of the Year Awards 2006 are now being invited and are open to any UK hotel or guesthouse with 6 or more guest bedrooms.

01/08/2006   London Food Link

Government must do more to defuse time bomb of childhood obesity

"We welcome Tony Blair's recognition that childhood obesity is now the number one public health issue we face. We know poor diet, promoted by junk food advertising, is a major cause of obesity. The Government's policy to solve the problem by voluntary agreements is doomed to failure - voluntary restrictions have never worked and won't start now. If the Government is serious about tackling childhood obesity, the first step would be to protect children from junk food TV ads before 9pm."

26/07/2006   Children's Food Campaign

Growing Underground

London Food Link help restaurant to source produce from within the tube network, as seen on TV!

05/07/2006   London Food Link

Children's food campaigners welcome OFCOM cave-in

Richard Watts, Campaign Coordinator for the Children's Food Bill said: 'Ofcom have folded under enormous pressure from the health and consumer lobby, and under threat of judicial review by the National Heart Forum, and are now consulting on protecting children from junk food TV adverts before the 9pm watershed. Given the scale of problems with childhood obesity we are confident that the case for getting tough on junk food TV adverts is very strong - and we are delighted that Ofcom have now said they will listen to us.'

26/06/2006   Children's Food Campaign

Food campaigners welcome Government's 'no compromise' on school food

Campaigners for the Children's Food Bill today welcomed the Government's announcement on improving the quality of food in schools.

24/05/2006   Children's Food Campaign

Response - Rural Development Programme for England

Rural Development Programme for England 2007 - 2013 Consultation response by Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming.

22/05/2006   Good Food on the Public Plate

World's biggest 25 food companies not taking health seriously enough

The world's top 25 food companies appear not to be taking the new global diet and health agenda seriously enough, says an 80 page report from The City University out today.

07/04/2006   Sustain

Ofcom must put children's health before company profits

Responding to media speculation that tomorrow Ofcom will recommend banning TV adverts for junk food before the early evening, Richard Watts, Children's Food Bill campaign coordinator at Sustain, said: "If Ofcom are serious about putting children's health above the narrow interests of the food and advertising industries they should stop all junk food TV ads before the 9pm watershed.

27/03/2006   Children's Food Campaign

Food industry must come clean on Benzene in soft drinks

Sustain, the alliance for better food and farming, has reacted with concern to reports on the BBC that the soft drinks industry has known for years that cancer-causing Benzene can form in soft drinks that contain Vitamin C.

01/03/2006   Children's Food Campaign

Food campaigners welcome Education Bill's death-knell for 'Turkey Twizzlers'.

Campaigners for better children's food welcomed the Education Bill published today. The Bill will mean that there are tough rules on the standard of school meals, as well as other food sold in schools. This sounds the death-knell for 'Turkey Twizzlers' and other junk foods in schools.

28/02/2006   Children's Food Campaign

Major new Report from the Food and Mental Health Project

Sustain's Food and Mental Health Project has now released its report on the connection between food and mental health. Changing Diets, Changing Minds: how food affects mental health and behaviour was released on 16 January.

15/01/2006   Food & Mental Health

Consultation Response: Turning the Tables - Transforming School Food

A response from Sustain's Children's Food Bill campaign to the Department for Education and Skills' Transforming School Food consultation welcomes the thrust of the School Meals Review Panels report, but makes 18 specific supplementary recommendations. The introduction of nutrient based standards is one of the provisions of the Children's Food Bill, but these standards must be extended to all food available in schools and standards should also take account of sustainable development.

15/12/2005   Children's Food Campaign

Report on sustainable food procurement for London's Schools

Launched on the 25th November 2005 at a food strategy consultation event, this report for the London Development Agency details work undertaken by London Food Link explorimg opportunities for sustainable food to be introduced into London schools.

07/12/2005   London Food Link

BBC Radio 4 Food & Farming Awards 2005!

The Judges' Special Award was given to Sustain, the alliance for 'better food and farming'. Judge Sheila Dillon said: 'It was Sustain's work into food that made it possible to start thinking about what to do, and what was wrong with school dinners.'

30/11/2005   Sustain


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