Soft drinks industry say they'll stop selling sugary drinks in schools across Europe

The European soft drinks industry has voluntarily pledged to stop making sugary drinks available to secondary school students in the EU. This would affect 40 million young people in 50,000 secondary schools across 28 countries.

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The pledge is made by UNESDA whose members include the brands Coca-Cola, Fanta, Orangina, Pepsi and Schweppes. It will be implemented by the end of 2018.

This follows a pledge by UNESDA over 10 years ago not to sell any sugary soft drinks in primary schools and not to advertise the drinks to under 12s.

EU member states have different national laws around food marketing and selling in schools. The UK, France, and Romania do not permit the sale of sugary soft drinks in schools. Other countries do not permit vending machines in schools. In some countries there is no regulation but vending simply does not occur in schools.

This Christmas Sustain’s Sugar Smart campaign is holding events across the country to coincide with the Coca-Cola truck handing out sugary drinks to children.


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