Good Food Retail

London Food Link are working with the Mayor of London’s Food team to see how we can develop and support Good Food Retail in London.

Credit: Pexels

Credit: Pexels

What is Good Food Retail?

The concept of good food retail is referred to in the new London Food Strategy, and to help progress this idea London Food Link has developed a briefing note to explore what this might look. The sector includes grocers, shops, markets, box schemes and home deliveries that sell food for consumption at home.

Broadly it refers to retail outlets doing at least some of the following:

  • Selling sustainably produced meat, dairy and fish, wholegrain foods and Real Bread
  • Less likely to serve highly processed fatty, salty and sugary foods and sugary drinks
  • Providing safe and nutritious food for diverse needs
  • Treating employees and suppliers fairly
  • Developing collaborative relationships with suppliers
  • Reducing environmental impact

Download the Good Food Retail briefing

Supporting councils to take action

During 2019 we are supporting six councils to improve access to good food retail as part of the Mayor of London's small grants programme. This will involve providing advice, facilitating peer learning and convening workshops.

The Mayor's grants will support a variety of borough projects, such as

  • Increasing the number of fruit and veg stalls in a borough
  • Working with convenience stores to improve healthy
  • Increasing uptake of Healthy Start vouchers

We will be sharing learning from this project more widely with our network over the coming year, so sign up for our news to ensure you stay updated.

How can councils help Good Food Retail?

The briefing covers this but broadly this includes things such as :

  • Development of a Good Food Retail Plan
  • A joined up approach between public health, economic development, regeneration and planning teams
  • Supporting retail outlets accepting Healthy Start Vouchers,
  • Encouraging street markets with thriving fruit and vegetable stalls
  • Access to premises and street food trading opportunities
  • Loans or grants for start-up costs with business support from an enterprise specialist
  • Innovative retail approaches to tackling household food insecurity

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