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Grow, produce, teach, peddle or simply enjoy good food and drink in the capital?

Join London Food Link  to support our good food projects, promotion and campaigns in London. It costs less than £2 a month, and you also get our printed mag, discounted events and great foodie offers.

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What is LFL and who is it for?

London Food Link is the voice for good food in the capital.

Our campaigns and initiatives work towards a healthy and sustainable food system for all, and join-the-dots between growers, makers, cooks, sellers, savers and enjoyers of good food across the capital.

Good food initiatives such as:

  • Capital Growth: supporting local food growing spaces and urban food entrepreneurs
  • Good Food for London: the annual league table of how YOUR money is spent by London boroughs on food
  • Sustainable Fish City: Working to make London the world's first city committed to serving fish from sustainable sources

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Benefits for food lovers

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Benefits for food producers and enterprises

In addition to the above, those involved in making the good stuff happen also get:

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Supporter levels

We want EVERYONE to join us, so joining starts at £22.50 a year, that's less than £2 a month!

  • Level 1:  £22.50 is the discounted automatic subscription rate. This is for individuals and small, community projects.
  • Level 2-4: If you are part of an enterprise or organisation, we encourage you to support us at a higher level, relevant to your size.
Supporter level Discounted rate*
Level 1 £22.50
Level 2 £45
Level 3 £67.50
Level 4 £99

It's burning a hole in my pocket. I'm in!

  • *To take advantage of the discount, you simply need to set up annual subscription payments online via PayPal
  • If you make credit/debit card or cheque payments each year, the full rates are £25, £50, £75 and £110, respectively.
  • If you join the Real Bread Campaign at the same time, we’ll give you 25% off the usual rate for our sibling network.

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If you know or think your LFL support has lapsed, enter the email address you used to join us here and follow the instructions.




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