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Real Bread at events

We urge producers, stallholders and other caterers to serve their fantastic food in Real Bread.

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Real Bread at events

Far too much thoughtfully and lovingly produced delicious food is served up in pappy baps, buns, baguettes or white slices, mass-produced at the other end of a motorway somewhere, using who knows what - we think it's like presenting the Mona Lisa in a frame from a pound shop.

For the benefit of their food and customers, we urge producers, stallholders and other caterers to use Real Bread (i.e. additive-free) they have made themselves or bought from a local, independent bakery.

Real Bread at your event

Whether it’s a stand-alone event or part of something wider, a Real Bread activity is a great way to bring people together. After all, the word companion comes from cum panis - Latin for ‘with bread’.

Real Bread Campaign supporters can click here for tips on

  • Bread competitions
  • Bread making
  • Feasts and tastings
  • Other ways of using Real Bread to get you noticed
  • Funding

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#RealBreadWeek 2019 runs from 23 February to 3 March 2019

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Real Bread at your event
Real Bread at events

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