RSA set to launch food, farming and countryside commission

The RSA will be launching a new independent commission to explore a big Brexit rethink, to help move towards healthier diets, thriving farming and a well-protected countryside. Poor diets are a major public health challenge of our time, says Jonathan Schifferes, Associate Director of Public Services and Communities for the RSA.






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Brexit gives us the opportunity to change how we approach food and farming policy, to start the journey towards becoming a healthier society, says Jonathan Schifferes of the RSA.

"Poor diets are among the major public health challenges of our time. We anticipate the connections between these issues will be considered by a new independent commission on the future of food, farming and the countryside, to be launched by the RSA this autumn."

"Poor diets are a major public health challenge of our time. As Brexit will change how we eat, we need to plot a new relationship between food, farming and the countryside."

Schifferes points out that Brexit will fundamentally change how we feed ourselves and manage the countryside. He points out that our diet in the UK is highly dependent on European produce, and the majority of UK farms are not economically viable without public subsidy, which has been the domain of the European Union since we joined in 1973.

"Beyond the Brexit negotiations, it is crucial that we actively shape positive outcomes as we change the way we grow food, trade, and feed ourselves in coming years."

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