The summer issue of the ‘Eel hits the shelves

The latest edition of the capital’s good food magazine is out, featuring lab-grown meat, a trip to the seaside, a strawberry farm on a double decker bus & more…

B12 Burger at Mildreds: credit Miles Willis

Picture: B12 Burger at Mildreds: credit Miles Willis

Published: 27/06/2018

Head on over to your nearest stockist (there’s over 100 across London) to pick up a copy of the second edition of the new, revamped mag…or join us to get your copy delivered to your door and support your favourite good food mag.

Other features include;

  • An exposé in to London’s ‘dark kitchens’
  • Five summer fruit recipe ideas from our chef-in-residence Tom Hunt
  • Summer growing tips from Capital Growth’s Julie Riehl
  • Where food meets tech and innovation
  • Booze-free alternatives to alcohol

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