£50,000 up for grabs by new London-based community projects

Run by the Mayor of London’s Regeneration team at City Hall to support Londoners who want to create community-based projects and improve their local area, Crowdfund London is offering to top up crowdfunding campaigns.  

Corwdfunding. Public domain

Picture: Corwdfunding. Public domain

Published: 28/06/2018

The programme enables people to unite, create, and fund local initiatives (big or small) designed to transform their community.  The Mayor’s pledge of up to £50,000 is to help a community group attract further support and resources to develop the initiative.

Although everyone can take part in Crowdfund London, to be eligible for a pledge from the Mayor, the project must be:

  • A constituted local organisation in Greater London
  • Able to enter into legal contracts with the Greater London Authority and have an organisation bank account
  • Demonstrate clear and representative governance arrangements
  • Well-resourced with a clear plan and budget
  • Managed by an organisation representing their community
  • A not profit proposal that serves the local community
  • The project must provide evidence of local support and have a campaign run on Spacehive.

Groups need to pitch their campaign to Crowdfund London’s fund on Spacehive by 3rd September 2018.

Project ideas include: an initiative to improve highstreets, improve or establish a local market, renovate an empty space or building, or create a new green space which attracts people to the area.

o date, Crowdfund London has pledged over £1.2 million to 77 successful crowdfunding campaigns across the city, with a further £1.2 million pledges raised by external supporters.

Full details of project eligibility and the application process.