10 of our plastic free heroes

As #plasticfreejuly draws to a close, the Jellied Eel mag signposts it readers to the Londoners helping you to change your food and shopping habits beyond this awareness raising month.

Published: 25/07/2018

Here are some of our London plastic free heroes helping you do it:

  1. Unpackaged at Planet Organic – pioneers or package free bulk shopping.
  2. The Naked Larder – one of the newest package free buying groups to hit our cupboards (read Phili’s blog here).
  3. Growing Communities and all the Better Food Traders keeping our organic veggies free of unnecessary single use plastic that the supermarkets seem so relucntant to give up!
  4. Water for London – a fantastic new campaign driving access to water across our city.
  5. Parker Dairies, Hook & Son and all the other dairy providers who have been driving us back to good ole glass milk bottles.
  6. Hackney Herbal, Nemi and all the other small batch tea makers, providing us a good brew without the hidden plastics.
  7. And for those of you looking for a strong tipple Borough Wines who sell refills of red and white wines and olive oil

 Read more about buying unpackaged foods in our article on Food Shopping Unpacked and find out who our 50 Urban Food Heroes are here.