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Knead to Know feedback October 2012

By October 2012, more than 1250 people had bought the book or downloaded the PDF version.

Here is feedback from some more people who have found it useful in setting up and running their bakeries, microbakeries and other Real Bread enterprises. 

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‘I started Leicester Born and Bread after reading Knead to Know. The book provided me with a starting point of how to go about setting it all up and gave different models that I could consider. I'm often contacted by people wanting to set up a home bakery and I always point them in the direction of the Real Bread Campaign and Knead to Know.’
Jessica Edmonds, Leicester Born and Bread, Leicester

‘I started my microbakery Slow Loaf with ten loaves for people at work. I bought Knead to Know after I had been going for a couple of months and it has been useful for my future plans. I now bake about 100 loaves every Friday night through into Saturday morning and sell on my front garden. There I am joined by Alice a 13 year old local girl who sells cakes jams, chutneys made by Sarah, another local resident. I also teach on at least one Sunday per month to groups of four, so the ethos of Real Bread is spreading. I have been supported heavily by Maurice Hartnett from the Revel Bakery, who has encouraged me greatly. I use a Rofco oven but am now at full capacity so have approached the council for permission to convert my garage.’
Mark Woods, Slow Loaf, Walsall

'I've recently set up the Blackhall Mill Bakery, a microbakery making Real Bread for friends and neighbours. I bought Knead to Know before we started baking it has been my bible.  I refer to it constantly. I use it for the recipes, for information on how to start a bakery and where to go for more information and advice. It has made starting the business a lot easier... We bake about fifty loaves once a week to order and deliver locally. We make a selection of everyday and speciality breads including plain and flavoured sourdoughs - one of our most popular is the olive sourdough.’
Mandy Oliver, Blackhall Mill Bakery, Newcastle upon Tyne

‘I joined the Real Bread Campaign and acquired my copy of Knead to Know in December 2011, a year after I started my microbakery. It helped me change to the sponge and dough method for all my Real Bread and gave me some great ideas for developing my small business in the direction I wanted. The directories were also very helpful. I now turn out just over 100 loaves a week for two local outlets, plus fruit loaves, buns and stollen. My customers are resigned to the fact that my bread is not available when I’m away on holiday but one day I hope to set up a bit bigger in a garage conversion that will enable me to take on a part-timer who can continue the good work when I’m away. Unfortunately my copy of Knead to Know was accidentally incorporated in the local WI book sale lasts spring and is lost and gone forever. I am desperate to learn when there will be a re-print so I can use it to make up my mind about the shape of my new venture: community bakery or small business. PLEASE consider a re-print soon!’
Dineke van den Bogerd, Crumbs of Capel, Dorking

‘I started my baking enterprise before buying Knead to Know, but the book has given me the confidence and knowledge to expand the business. I am now baking at least fifty small loaves of Real Bread a week, and selling direct to the public. I love the opportunity to engage with people about the pleasures of Real Bread and the benefits of local food. I've searched out local recipes and ingredients to use in the business and am now seriously considering taking over a local café and adding a bakery.’
Jane Thomas, Kirkbymoorside

‘Knead to Know is an excellent book containing everything there is to know about starting a bread baking business, be it large or small.  It was very helpful to me to have all the information in one place.  I now have a very small-scale bakery, which I run from my home using my domestic oven.  It’s more of a hobby for me and I'm happy with my few customers.  I sell 400g loaves of white, brown and fruit once a month to my neighbours.  On my order forms I am proud to show the Real Bread Loaf Mark.’
Pauline Fielder, Essex

‘I have read Knead to Know with great interest and, after taking early retirement from a job in local government, I now intend to start my own home bakery ‘Helen’s Bread’ in the very near future. I am still at the experimental stage giving away my Real Bread to family and friends and even took a sourdough loaf to my dentist who expressed an interest! I have found Knead to Know really useful, especially the bits on recipes, publicity, costings, and preparing for environmental health to visit.’
Helen Gorman, Liverpool

‘Knead to Know has been a significant part of my decision to set up my own Real Bread baking business from home.  Having such a comprehensive and encouraging guide has given me an idea of how to start the process as well as convincing me that it isn't a crazy idea.  It has given me a starting framework for doing more research and really planning my business thoroughly. Knowing that other people have succeeded and how much support is available has been extremely encouraging too. I'm not trading yet, I've a lot of work still to do and it's daunting and exciting, but Knead to Know pushed me from 'I'd like to …' to I'm planning to …' hopefully early in the new year.’
Alison McGrath, Leicestershire

‘My husband Graham was developing his baking skills alongside my son Duncan who is a chef. I bought Knead to Know to help the process and to look at the possibility of turning our hobbies into a small business. We were given this chance in July this year when we opened a restaurant with an onsite bakery.  My husband is employed full time, which has been the only reason we have not started to bake regularly for farmers’ markets. However we attend Oakham Farmers’ Market once a month and have also sold at the National Forest Wood Fair and Rutland Food Festival.  We bake approximately 150 loaves for each market (three types of sourdough, wheaten bread, and focaccia) in addition to croissants and a small range of cakes. We are now looking for other suitable markets and events and to also expand our repertoire.  Our plans also include supplying the local farm shop and initiating a baking group from January 2013. I found Knead to Know very helpful along the way and we will continue to use recipes and ideas from it.’
Sallie Hooper, Wymeswold

We began baking for farmers' markets earlier this year and since then our business has gone from strength to strength.  In fact, we are opening a bakery in December! We downloaded our copy of Knead to Know soon after we started and found it very useful.  It is well written, informative, covers most of the topics we had questions about and is still referred to.  We would happily recommend it to anyone interesting in developing their breadmaking skills.
Julie Dugan, All You Knead

I joined the Campaign and purchased Knead to Know early in 2012, when I was thinking about retraining as a baker. My desire is simply to be making fantastic, Real Bread for as many people as possible in my local community. The book is brilliant and has inspired me to pursue this dream.
Tony Homfray, The Ginger Bread Man, Totnes

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