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Have Coke lost their bottle?

Sustain responds to press reports on Coca-Cola's plans to change the sizing and prices of some of their products ahead of the implementation of the Sugary Drinks Tax.

Ahead of the Government's Soft Drinks Industry Levy coming into force in April this year, the Guardian have reported that Coca Cola are planning on changing bottle sizes and pricing of some of their full sugar product lines.

Ben Reynolds, Deputy CEO of Sustain commented: “The sugary drinks tax, which Sustain has led the calls for, is clearly having an impact. Companies are finding different ways to deal with the potential price increase, with many reformulating, increasing prices and it now seems some are changing bottle size – all to the good in reducing sugar consumption." 

"But where others companies are responding to changing public tastes and to the public health crisis and the cost this puts on the NHS, Coke are tinkering around the edges. There’s nothing in the reports that suggests Coke are making changes to the prices or sizing of the smaller ‘on the go’ options – the sorts that some kids would drink to and from school. The main reason we called for this tax was to improve children’s health, and yet the 500ml bottle and even the 330ml can are at, or exceed, the limits for the total sugar a child can have in a day. Take the 500ml bottle for example – no-one drinks this over two days - it has no place in a country that is trying to help kids cut down on sugar. If Coke had any care for children’s health they would phase this size out altogether.”

This latest story on Coke comes hot on the heels of yesterday’s news that Carlisle Council have taken the bold move not to invite the Coca Cola truck back next Christmas over heightened concerns about the message it sends out amidst a public health crisis.

Sustain runs the Children's Health Fund, Children's Food Campaign,and Sugar Smart campaign.

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Published 10 Jan 2018

Sugary Drinks Duty: Support the campaign for a sugary drinks duty, to pay for programmes to improve childrens health and protect the environment they grow up in.

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