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Fast food consumption in children associated with lower academic attainment

A Longitudinal study from Ohio State University of Kindergarten children showed test scores were up to 20% lower among children who are fast food.

05/01/2015   Sustain

Change for Life push sugar swaps in new year's resolution

The Government campaign is encouraging parents to cut back on the amount of sugar in their children’s diets by swapping sweetened foods for healthier alternatives.

05/01/2015   Sustain

Advertising complaint upheld against Honey Monster Puffs cereal

Children's Food Campaign successfully challenges 'honey goodness' claim and gets Honey Monster website changed.

31/12/2014   Children's Food Campaign

Children's Food Heroes and Food Zeroes of 2014

The Children's Food Campaign 's announces its 'Children's Food Heroes' and 'Food Zeroes' of the year.

27/12/2014   Children's Food Campaign

Poor quality food links maternal obesity to stunted growth in children

UCL research on mothers and children in Egypt suggests that the problem of malnutrition is not just about quantity of food but also quality.

22/12/2014   Sustain

European court rules that obesity can be a disability

A European Union court ruling states that obesity can, in severe cases, constitute a disability. The case follows claims of unfair dismissal by a child worker in Denmark who was reportedly described as being "too fat" to perform his duties.

19/12/2014   Sustain

A sugary drinks duty would save London £39m in healthcare costs

Children's Food Campaign has published figures showing that the introduction of a 20 pence per litre duty on sugary drinks would benefit Londoners' health and save the NHS money.

16/12/2014   Sugary Drinks Duty

Sustain response to new Parliamentary Inquiry on Food Poverty and Hunger

Whilst the recognition of the rising problem of food poverty in the UK is welcome, Sustain fears that the recommendations have the wrong emphasis.

09/12/2014   London Food Link

Sustain consultation on farming and food production

Sustain launches consultation on its work on farming and food production.

09/12/2014   Food and Farming Policy

Good news on Investment for community based farming

We have been informed that the government has agreed to extend the Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) to small-scale community farms and horticultural activities.

09/12/2014   Food and Farming Policy

Rosie Boycott presents inaugural Urban Food Awards

On 4 December 2014, London Food Board chair Rosie Boycott presented some of London's finest food businesses with the city's first ever Urban Food Awards at a gala event at Whole Foods Market in Kensington.

05/12/2014   London Food Link

Ofsted Better Inspection for All consultation response

Children's Food Campaign's response to Ofsted's proposals for a new framework for the inspection of schools

05/12/2014   Children's Food Campaign

Hundreds attend Disco Soup event

Hundreds attend London's first food waste fighting Disco Soup event including businesses fed up of wasting food

02/12/2014   FoodSave

GCSE Cooking and Nutrition consultation response

Children's Food Campaign's response to the government consultation on the draft subject content of the new GCSE in Food and Nutrition.

24/11/2014   Children's Food Campaign

Cardiff celebrates World Fisheries Day with pledge to serve millions of sustainable fish meals

Cardiff's largest caterers, together serving over three million meals per year have pledged to serve only demonstrably sustainable fish. The announcement came on World Fisheries Day, as part of Cardiff's bid to become a Sustainable Fish City.

21/11/2014   Sustainable Fish Cities

Sustain response to Local welfare provision consultation

We are particularly concerned that any reduction in this funding will lead to further increases in an already escalating food poverty crisis.

21/11/2014   Food and Farming Policy

Senior medical figures join call for farm antibiotic reduction targets for first time

'New targets must be set and met in both medicine and agriculture' say Royal Colleges in a letter in The Times today to coincide with European Antibiotics Awareness Day(1).

18/11/2014   Save Our Antibiotics

British campaigners celebrate first US city to pass a tax on sugary drinks

Malcolm Clark, co-ordinator of the Children's Food Campaign, which is leading calls for a 20 pence per litre sugary drinks duty to be introduced in the UK, responded to the passing of Berkeley's ballot initiative on a soda tax.

05/11/2014   Children's Food Campaign

American hospitals trailblazing local food buying

From St Paul and Minneapolis to Cleveland, American hospitals are trying to turn their food around, and commit to using more local produce.

03/11/2014   Better Hospital Food

OECD report on green growth in agriculture

The report provides a series of green growth indicators for agriculture, covering such areas as environmental efficiency, natural resource productivity, the impact of agriculture on the natural asset base and environmental quality of life, and policy responses and economic opportunities.

01/11/2014   Food and Farming Policy


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