Food poverty action plans

Sustain has worked with a wide range of local alliances and networks to develop strategic responses to food poverty through our Food Power programme, London Food Poverty Campaign and the Sustainable Food Cities network.

We've also published a short guide to developing food poverty action plans which offers advice on drafting and delivering local food poverty action or similar plans, based on analysis of a number of recently-produced local food poverty strategies or plans. The guide also highlights some of the impact that some of these plans have had. 

Download our food poverty action plan guide

Below is a selection of food poverty action plans and needs assessments that have been published in different areas across the UK.

  • Enough is Enough: Food poverty scoping exercise (Belfast, 2015)   
  • Food insecurity in Birmingham - A city-level response? (Birmingham, 2015)   
  • The Use of Food Banks in Brent (Brent, 2017)
  • Food Strategy Action Plan 2018 - 2023 (Brighton & Hove, 2018)
  • Food Poverty Action Plan 2015 - 2018 (Brighton & Hove, 2015)   
  • Food Poverty Action Plan 2015 - 2018: Final progress report (Brighton & Hove, 2018)
  • Towards a collaborative food action plan: A report on food poverty in Cambridge (Cambridge, 2018)
  • Building resilience: Food Cardiff's five year food security plan (Cardiff, 2018
  • A Food Strategy for Exeter: Rediscovering and developing localised food systems (Exeter, 2017)   
  • Royal Borough of Greenwich Food Poverty Needs Assessment (Greenwich, 2016)   
  • Food Poverty Action Plan for Hammersmith & Fulham (Hammersmith & Fulham)
  • Cooking Up Ideas: Addressing the challenges of food poverty in Kensington and Chelsea (Kensington & Chelsea, 2016)  
  • Lambeth Food Insecurity Report (Lambeth, 2017)
  • Putting Food On The Table: Understanding Food Poverty: Exploring Food Bank Use In Lewisham (Lewisham, 2014)   
  • Definition of food poverty: Being unable to access good, fresh food by choice (Liverpool, 2016)
  • London Food Strategy and Implementation Plan (London, 2018)
  • Beyond the Food Bank: London Food Poverty Profile 2018 (London, 2018)
  • A Food Poverty Action Plan for Mertion 2018-2020 (Merton, 2018)
  • Food Poverty Network Pilot Project Evaluation (Northamptonshire, 2013)
  • Feeding the Gaps: Food poverty and food surplus redistribution in Oxford (Oxford, 2014)
  • Redbridge Food Poverty Action Plan: Access to sufficient, safe, affordable and nutritious food in Redbridge (Redbridge, 2017)
  • Hungry Christmas: A report on foodbanks in South East England for Keith Taylor MEP (South East England, 2017)   
  • Food Poverty Needs Assessment, London Borough of Sutton (Sutton, 2015)   
  • Food Poverty Action Plan (Tower Hamlets, 2017)   

If you'd like to share your food poverty action plan on this page, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Contact Maddie Guerlain at

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