Shocking film emerges from Two Sisters chicken factory

The Food Standards Agency has launched an investigation after undercover filming showed workers changing date-of-kill labels, repacking rejected meat and retrieving meat from the floor -- all apparent breaches of hygiene and safety laws.

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Two Sisters is the UK's largest supplier of chicken to UK supermarkets, as well as the owner of a number of high street restaurant chains, including Giraffe, Ed's Easy Diner and Goodfella's.
Undercover filming at a Two Sisters chicken processing plant, by the UK media organisations The Guardian and ITV News, has shown workers:
  • Altering the date labels on crates of chicken (which can lead to inappropriate 'use by' dates being communicated to consumers);
  • Dropping chicken on the floor then returning it to the production line;
  • Repackaging meat rejected by supermarkets and sending it out to other supermarkets;
  • Mingling chicken slaughtered at different dates into the same packs and using slaughter dates of the freshest pieces.
Two Sisters and the supermarkets involved all said they were investigating the claims, and stressed that food safety and hygiene were priorities. Professor Chris Elliott, the food safety expert who led the UK government’s review of the 2013 horsemeat scandal, said he had never seen a meat factory operating with such poor standards as were seen in the video evidence.
Read The Guardian's report here.
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