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Conservative Environment Network and MPs call for new approach to environment policy

Conservative MPs have joined forced with the Conservative Environment Network (CEN) calling for the environment to be given a higher profile at the heart of policy making. “Thinking differently about our environment: a holistic approach to policy” is a collection of essays by MPs arguing that we can reap previously unrecognised benefits by embedding the environment in all areas of public policy. They also emphasise the benefits of harnessing horticulture and using the environment to improve health outcomes - a key consideration for Sustain and its members. 

17/10/2017   Brexit

Study shows sugary drinks levy reduces sales

Study led by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine with the University of Cambridge found adding a 10p levy to sugary drinks sold in Jamie’s Italian restaurants resulted in a decline in sales.

17/10/2017   Sustain

Community food growing continues to gain support from London's councils

The Good Food for London league table published by London Food Link last week, showed councils are continuing to support food growing across the capital.

16/10/2017   Capital Growth

New report links volunteering in nature with better mental health

An independent evaluation of the health benefits of volunteering with the Wildlife Trusts, by researchers at The School of Biological Sciences at the University of Essex has found that the mental wellbeing of participants improved to a statistically significant effect over a 12-week period.

16/10/2017   Growing Health

Plant protein power

A plan for a radical overhaul to Britain's food and farming system makes the case for devoting more land and support to plant proteins. It argues this would represent a four-way win: the food produced would be sustainable, healthy, affordable and ethical.

13/10/2017   Sustain

A third of London councils unable to present coherent response to rising food poverty

New reports show mixed progress of London’s councils in improving local food and tackling food poverty. But despite budget cuts, many councils applauded for their commitment to tackling poverty, with more paying the London Living Wage and improving food and care for children.

13/10/2017   London Food Link

Monday 16th October is World Food Day!

At Sustain we are celebrating the people and potential of sustainable food. But we are also mindful that millions of people still do not enjoy 'food security'. A report being launched in London to mark World Food Day spells out what this means.

13/10/2017   Sustain

Alarm over power of mega food companies

Dominant agri-food firms have become too big to feed humanity sustainably, too big to operate on equitable terms with other players in the food system, and too big to drive the types of innovation we need, according to a new report.

13/10/2017   Sustain

Humans as well as animals abused in abattoirs

A whistleblower who worked for the Food Standards Agency reveals that meat inspectors are routinely bullied, and sometimes assaulted, while doing their jobs in slaughterhouses.

13/10/2017   Sustain

Food companies 'lack transparency' on slavery risks in supply chains

Despite being asked to do so under the Modern Slavery Act, a new report shows that some food companies are failing to assess and report known risks of modern slavery in their supply chains -- but there are also examples of good practice in the food sector. 

13/10/2017   Sustain

Gove may resurrect SAWS scheme

Defra secretary Michael Gove has said that when the UK leaves the EU, there may be a case for reintroducing the scheme that allowed migrant workers to come to the UK temporarily to work in the food sector.

13/10/2017   Sustain

Partners object to deals proposed for trade after Brexit

The UK's efforts to forge vital new trade deals to replace EU trading arrangements are reported to have hit a major snag, with global partners objecting to the suggested allocations of trade quotas.

13/10/2017   Sustain

Natural Capital and the future of the environment

The Natural Capital Committee, which advises the Government on the sustainable use of natural resources, has produced guidance for the anticipated 25-year Plan for the Environment, prioritising clean air and water, security against flooding, and continued compliance with greenhouse gas reduction targets.

13/10/2017   Sustain

Government strategy for 'clean growth', and Friends of the Earth's response

The Government's new Clean Growth Strategy contains many admirable proposals, but also has some major omissions, including on agriculture, finds Sustain member Friends of the Earth.

13/10/2017   Sustain

Influencing the 25-year Environment Plan

The conservation NGO WWF has produced a blueprint for the Government's long-awaited 25-Year Environment Plan for England. In the wake of the EU referendum, the plan provides a unique opportunity to improve the way we manage our natural resources.

12/10/2017   Sustain

Haringey and Islington London boroughs sign up sugar declaration

A total of six London boroughs have now signed the Local Government Declaration on Sugar Reduction and Healthier Food

12/10/2017   London Food Link

What's green and alarmingly salty?

Bought pesto. A survey by the campaign group CASH found shockingly high salt  levels in some brands of pesto sauce, and is urging Public Health England to call the food industry to account, as the deadline looms for Government salt-reduction targets.

12/10/2017   Sustain

More bugs evolve resistance to GM insecticidal crops

Sustain member GM Freeze has welcomed a new study that shows a huge increase in the number of pest insects evolving resistance to the GM Bt crops engineered to kill them.

12/10/2017   Sustain

Carry on (traditional) pruning

Garden Organic's project, set up to conserve ancient orchards, nears its conclusion. Its achievements include not just the orchards it has saved but also the 'Orchard Champions' trained to protect them and now using their skills to save others.

12/10/2017   Sustain

Tell Sainsbury's not to ditch the Fairtrade label

On 28th October the Don't Ditch Fairtrade Coalition is organising a Day of Action to let Sainsbury's know it should stick with the widely respected Fairtrade scheme, rather than replace it with their own 'Fairly Traded' label. Find out how to take action here

12/10/2017   Sustain


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