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The real Smart Swap is the one supermarkets should be doing

Children's Food Campaign's response to the launch of 'Smart Swaps', the latest Change4Life public health initiative.

02/01/2014   Children's Food Campaign

Government accused of using figures which exaggerate the quality of hospital food

The government has today been accused of exaggerating the quality of hospital food, as it was revealed that fewer patient meals meet the standards set for prison food than is claimed by the Department of Health.

31/12/2013   Better Hospital Food

Hospitals 'get away with serving worse food than prisons'

Hospital food is even worse than the Government claims and usually falls below the standard set for prison meals, a survey suggests.

31/12/2013   Better Hospital Food

Plea over hospital food standards

Campaigners have renewed calls for ministers to introduce minimum standards for the quality of food served to patients after it emerged that a third of hospitals which claim they are fulfilling voluntary requirements are not actually meeting the criteria.

31/12/2013   Better Hospital Food

Prison food regulated more tightly than hospital meals

Campaigners claim current situation is an 'affront' to patients

31/12/2013   Better Hospital Food

Anger as prisoners are eating better than patients in hospital

JAIL food is regulated to higher standards than that of patients in many NHS hospitals, research has revealed.

31/12/2013   Better Hospital Food

Christmas Round Up: Food Heroes and Food Zeroes

A round-up of our recent activity, campaigns and successes, with the help of some of our 'Food Heroes' and 'Food Zeroes' of the year.

20/12/2013   Children's Food Campaign

New US policy on antibiotics in farm animals criticised by experts

America's food standards regulator has announced it will help US farmers to phase out unnecessary use of antibiotics in farm animals, in a bid to prevent the loss of these medicines for treating human disease.

19/12/2013   Food and Farming Policy

Hospital food can be improved only by legislation

As the government announces a review of hospital food, Katharine Jenner writes that only legislation can ensure that inpatients get adequate nutrition.

19/12/2013   Better Hospital Food

Hospital food 'needs legally-binding standards'

A leading campaigner is calling for the NHS in England to introduce legally binding standards for hospital food.

19/12/2013   Better Hospital Food

Health Chiefs under fire for failing to meet minimum quality standards for hospital food

Health chiefs came under renewed fire last night for failing to meet quality standards for hospital meals.

13/12/2013   Better Hospital Food

Rio 2016 Olympics and Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games declared a 'triumph' for sustainable fish

Conservation groups unite to welcome verifiably sustainable fish standards for the 16 million meals to be consumed at the Rio 2016 Olympics and Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

12/12/2013   Sustainable Fish Cities

Half of hospitals do not have a healthy eating policy

A new report published today by the Campaign for Better Hospital Food and UNISON shows that half of hospitals in England don't have a healthy eating policy.

10/12/2013   Better Hospital Food

Unison report reveals most UK hospitals buy in food to save money: 18/12/2013

The union also found half those in England have no healthy eating policies which are mandatory in Scotland and Wales.

07/12/2013   Better Hospital Food

Rio 2016 Olympics adopts sustainable fish policy

The organisers of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games have adopted a verifiably sustainable fish policy for all wild-caught and farmed fish - an impressive legacy from London 2012

05/12/2013   Sustainable Fish Cities

Antibiotic-resistance crisis

Global scientists in dramatic call for action on farm antibiotic use

17/11/2013   Food and Farming Policy

FoodSave scheme will help London's small businesses cut food waste

The Mayor of London launches FoodSave, a new scheme to help food businesses reduce food waste and divert surplus food to useful purposes

12/11/2013   Food Waste

Government spending more on nutritional supplements for patients than on hospital meals

The Campaign for Better Hospital Food published new figures showing the government spends more on nutritional supplements for hospital patients than on food served to them during their stay

08/11/2013   Better Hospital Food

Campaign groups back BMJ article on sugary drinks duty

More evidence that a duty on sugary drinks would improve the diet and health of children and young people

01/11/2013   Sustain

Nesquik escapes official censure

Advertising regulator caves in to Nestlé pressure instead of upholding Children's Food Campaign complaint

31/10/2013   Children's Food Campaign


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