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Rules of local plan making

Rules and regulations cover local plan making. Local plans are formally prepared legal documents which guide the use and development of land and buildings.

Local Plans are the first consideration in deciding planning applications. The law makes it clear that decisions should be made in accordance with the policies and proposals within the Local Plan unless other strong planning reasons or ‘material considerations’ indicate otherwise. Local plan policies therefore greatly affect the value of land.

Plan making tries not to be too complicated because it is important that all sections of the resident and business community help shape the future of their area. Many local planning authorities will use informal ways of gathering local views but they will all be following the main stages described in the toolkit one way or another. Landowners and businesses can afford to hire professional advice to protect their interests but this should not put off local residents and organisations. Planning Aid may be able to offer advice if you are seriously worried.

Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (as amended) and associated Regulations (England)



Northern Ireland


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