Sustain calls on its members: 'Tell government we can do better on fishing'

Last month the government released a White Paper outlining their proposals for managing fisheries and marine life after Brexit, and the public have the opportunity to give feedback until 12th September.

We would like to encourage organisations to respond and have broken down the paper into issues relevant to your work and suggested simple responses in our example responses paper.
Sustain has published its own response to the white paper which may also be of interest.
To respond, please either complete an online survey – it’s about 30 questions in total or email an open response to The text in our example responses paper is intended for either option, but probably suits submitting an open response best.
For any queries, please contact 

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Sustainable Fish Cities: A campaign to protect precious marine environments and fishing livelihoods, and call for fish to be bought from sustainable sources. We want to show what can be done if people and organisations make a concerted effort to change their buying habits.



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