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Bread: how to see it’s additive-free

Avoiding UPF? Read the label and look for The Loaf Mark!

The Loaf Mark in action. Copyright: Various - see bottom of article

The Loaf Mark in action. Copyright: Various - see bottom of article

Many people want to avoid Ultra-Processed Food (UPF), which includes the Chorleywood Process loaf and other industrial dough products.

The Real Bread Campaign runs The Real Bread Loaf Mark scheme to help bakeries give an at-a-glance additive-free assurance to shoppers. Below is a list of almost 140 bakeries that are currently signed up to the scheme.

Always read the label

The Campaign created The Loaf Mark as visual shorthand for bakers to show – and shoppers to see – ‘this bread is additive-free’. It's designed to be used alongside, rather than instead of, full ingredient declaration.

The only way to be sure that food is additive-free is to read the ingredients list. The trouble is that, in the UK (and elsewhere), retailers are not legally required to display this important information for food they sell loose/unwrapped. So-called processing aids don't even have to to be declared on pre-packed food ingredient lists.

From 5 July 2024, the Real Bread Campaign will be urging the new UK government to adopt its long-standing Honest Crust Act proposals for updated and improved composition, labelling and marketing standards. One of these is mandatory full declaration at point of sale of all ingredeints in bread (plus 'processing aids' and other additives used in industrial dough products) sold loose / unwrapped. 

In the meantime, the Campaign urges all bakers and retailers to list this important information voluntarily – for example on packaging, shelf labelling or in-store signage. 

The list

The following 139 bakeries have signed the annual agreement that they will only use The Real Bread Loaf Mark to market products that meet the Campaign’s definition of Real Bread, and The Sourdough Loaf Mark to promote genuine sourdough bread.

Hundreds more bakeries have added their details to the Real Bread Map, which has orange pins to show the businesses that have done both.

400 Rabbits London
Almanac Urban Mill & Bakery North Ayrshire
Amelia's Bakehouse Surrey
ANUNA Craft Bakery Ceredigion
Bake Barn Rathcoole
Bake Dronfield Derbyshire
Bake88 Surrey
Baker in a Beanie Somerset
Bakery by Knife & Fork Oxfordshire
Barkby Bakehouse Leicestershire
Barn Bakes Devon
Becws Beca Carmarthenshire
Bee's Knees Bakes Dorset
Ben's Bakes Cambridgeshire
Bertinet Bakery London
Blackbirds Micro Bakery West Midlands
Blackhill Bakery Glasgow
Bob's Bread Bakery Norfolk
Bread and Water Cambridgeshire 
Bread Bin Cheshire
Bread of Haven Norfolk
Briar Bakery Devon
Brook Farm Bakery Gloucestershire
Bruntlands Bread Elgin
Cardiff and Vale College Vale of Glamorgan
Cavan Bakery Surrey
Chalk Hills Bakery Surrey
Claire's Kitchen Somerset
Cold Cottage Craft Bakery Bedfordshire
Cranley Barn Farms Buckinghamshire
Crazy Bakers Bedford
Croft at Caorann Inverness-shire
Crwst Ceredigion
Crwst Ceredigion
Cultured Bakehouse Derry
Dainty Monkey Baking Edinburgh
Dipple Bakehouse Devon
Dollies Bakery Norfolk
Dovely Bakery Northamptonshire
Dr Bob the Baker West Yorkshire
Dr Dough Merseyside
e5 Bakehouse London
Eastsheen Microbakery London
Eat Your Crusts Worcestershire
Ed Baker London
Elphin Larder The Highlands
Elsing Bakehouse Norfolk
Eviedale Bakehouse Orkney 
Ferguson's Bakery Merseyside
Fika+ Cheshire
Flour & Time Powys
Forno Pizza Dorset
GAIL's London
Gather&Grain Manchester
Grain of Truth Bakery Lincolnshire
Greenfield Bakers Lincolnshire
Gretna Bakery Gretna
Hackney Bread Kitchen London
Hambleton Bakery Rutland
Heritage Bakehouse Oban
Hobbs House Bakery Gloucestershire
Hunnypot Cottage Bakery Staffordshire
Imma The Bakery Oxfordshire
Infinity Foods Bakery East Sussex
Jo's Loaves Bedfordshire
Juliet's Bread Devon
Katerina's Bread Aberdeen
Katherine's Sourdough West Midlands
Knapdale Artisan Bread Argyll & Bute
Knead & Desire Bakehouse Hertfordshire
Lekito Buckinghamshire
Little Clowder Bakehouse Lincolnshire
Loaf Inverness-shire
LocoLoaf Hampshire
Love That Loaf Moray
Lucho Bakes Devon
Lucy's Loaves Twickenham
Ma Baker Wrexham
Mamars Artisan Bakery & Delicatessen Cheshire
Manila Artisan Breads West Midlands
Martins Craft Bakery Manchester
Miche Artisan Bakery New Delhi
Moonlight Bakery Merseyside
M's Bakery Dorset
Myloaf Vale of Glamorgan
Nancy Bakes Madisonville
Natural Bread Oxfordshire
Off the Rails North Yorkshire
One Mile Bakery Exeter Devon
Orkney Sourdough Co Orkney 
Pagnol Los Angeles
Paindemain Bakehouse Oxfordshire
Pan Bakery Surrey
Pasteis Lisboa Glasgow
Peter Cooks Bread Herefordshire
Peter's Yard Hertfordshire
Pete's Bread County Antrim 
Pinetree Bakery Suffolk
PureKnead Bakery Tyne and Wear
Rex Artisan Bakery Buckinghamshire
Riverside Sourdough Vale of Glamorgan
Roger's Bakery West Yorkshire
Rosa's Bakery Neath Port Talbot
Rush Creek Bread Ohio
Rye and Roses Powys
Scarpello Bakehouse & Pizzeria County Donegal
Solaris Bakehouse Berkshire
Sourdough Dave- The Artisan Bread Man Derbyshire
Sourdough Sophia London
South Downs Sourdough Hampshire
Speciality Breads Kent
St. JOHN Bakery London
Stark Farm Bakery North Yorkshire
the Bakehouse Bermondsey SE16 London
The Bodicote Baker Oxfordshire
The Bread Factory London
The Cambridge Oven Cambridgeshire
The Celtic Bakers London
The Crow's Rest Bakehouse West Yorkshire
The Crust Bacup Bacup
The Culinary Kiwi Bird - Artisan Baker Aberdeenshire
The Doorstep Baker Worcestershire
The Fat Batard Bakery Peebles
The Flour Station London
The Grumpy Baker Cardiff
The Hive Cafe and Bakery West Midlands
The Little Sourdough Bakery Farnborough
The Motley Way Orkney 
The Potting Shed Bakery Suffolk
The Van du Pain Devon
The Wee Boulangerie Edinburgh
Thrift View Bakery Bedfordshire
Two Magpies Bakery Suffolk
Underground Bakery North Yorkshire
Welch Bakes Cambridgeshire
Willaston Country Market Cheshire
Your Davey Bread Berkshire
Yule's just delicious bread London


Photos © Katerina’s Bread, Chris Young (at St. JOHN Bakery) and Peter Cooks Bread.

Published Thursday 27 June 2024

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