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Bankers for Bakers

Bankers for Bakers: we knead your dough!

Bankers For Bakers. Copyright: Tushar Menon

Bankers For Bakers. Copyright: Tushar Menon

Times are tough for independent bakers making delicious, nutritious Real Bread for people in their neighbourhoods across the UK. The Real Bread Campaign is calling on banks, bankers and the rest of the financial sector for their support.

This Real Bread Week and beyond, YOU can help to bake a difference by:

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Earning an honest crust

Independent bakers graft and craft at the hearts of thousands of our local communities across the UK. While it’s an innovative, vibrant sector, too many of their small businesses are under threat of closure. 

This is largely due to skyrocketing costs of energy, ingredients, salaries and rent.  All this at the same time that tightening budgets on the other side of the counter are limiting customers’ spending ability. 

More dough going out and less coming in means that far too many of our - formerly thriving - local Real Bread bakeries are now facing financial crisis.

About Real Bread and the Campaign

Run by the food and farming charity Sustain, the Real Bread Campaign is the organisation championing Real Bread and the people who make it, while challenging obstacles to their rise.

The Campaign defines Real Bread as made without chemical raising agents, so-called processing aids or other additives. Though simple, perhaps around 95% of what is sold as 'bread' in the UK falls short of this very low bar.

From this almost universally-accessible starting point, the Campaign finds and shares ways to make bread better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet.

The Real Bread Campaign’s work includes:

  • Calling for an Honest Crust Act of improved composition, labelling and marketing standards.
  • Knead to Know…more, the handbook on setting up and growing a microbakery business.
  • Bake Your Lawn, the new grow-a-loaf guidebook to helping lead children on a seed to sandwich journey of discovery. 
@RealBreadCampaign #RealBreadCampaign

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Published Tuesday 20 February 2024

Real Bread Campaign: The Real Bread Campaign finds and shares ways to make bread better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet. Whether your interest is local food, community-focussed small enterprises, honest labelling, therapeutic baking, or simply tasty toast, everyone is invited to become a Campaign supporter.

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