Livestock farmers join call to eat less meat

Sustain member Pasture-fed Livestock Association support campaign to eat less and better meat and dairy.

Cattle in a field. Photo credit: Pexels

Cattle in a field. Photo credit: Pexels

The Pasture-fed Livestock Association (PFLA) is the first livestock farmer group to join the Eating Better campaign for the consumption of less and better meat and dairy.

Eating Better (who are also a member of the Sustain alliance) is calling for a move away from intensive industrial systems of livestock to more extensive farming, like the grass-fed system championed by the PFLA.

Simon Billing, executive director of Eating Better says that having the PFLA joining Eating Better is a natural step, building on a strong existing and ongoing relationship.

"The PFLA will bring experience from independent 100% grass-fed British livestock farmers to the coalition, joining other farmer-led organisations such as the Nature Friendly Farming Network and The Biodynamic Association. They champion a model for sustainable farming that is good for biodiversity and people and better for the animals. They will help broaden our conversation with other farmers."

Russ Carrington, PFLA general manager says that they have followed the Eating Better campaign with interest:

"Meat from animals that have only ever eaten grass and plants is healthier for people to eat than meat from animals that have been fed grain, even for a few weeks. Yet most of the meat produced in the UK now comes from animals that have been fed grain. The way 100% grass-fed farmers farm is also environmentally friendly, offers the highest animal welfare potential and takes a natural, holistic approach to high quality food production.

There are currently 425 PFLA members, 83 are certified Pasture for Life, with 32 certified butchers and 4 certified creameries. There are also over 1300 consumer supporters.

Animals fed on a natural diet of grass and pasture are less stressed, live longer and are more fertile. The animals are often kept in family groups. There are large environmental benefits: Pasture for Life farmers have flower-rich meadows filled with insects, birds and mammals and the way the fields are grazed rejuvenates worn out soils and captures and stores carbon.

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