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Benefits of food co-ops

Photo credit: Elaine Casap - Unsplash

Photo credit: Elaine Casap - Unsplash

Food co-ops can have a wide range of benefits in addition to providing good food for you and your local community.

Health benefits

  • Increases access to affordable fruit and vegetables and other healthy foods.
  • Helps to raise awareness of the benefits of eating a healthy diet.
  • Improves well-being in volunteers who often gain increased self esteem, confidence and a sense of purpose.

Environmental benefits

  • If set up to do so, increases supply of local and organic produce.
  • Easier for people to shop by foot or by bike by providing outlets in residential areas.
  • Provides food that often has less packaging, and generates less waste.

Social benefits

  • Engages local people in their community, which may then lead on to other activities.
  • Acts as a focal point for local people to meet up and make new friends.
  • Helps to revitalise community facilities.
  • Provides a more sociable place to shop.

Economic benefits

  • Helps to support local producers and more ethical suppliers by providing an outlet for their goods.
  • Keep smoney circulating in the local economy.
  • Offers volunteers new skills and work experience.
  • halls or even have their own shops.


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