How to get involved with Sustain

There are many ways that you can help to achieve a sustainable food and farming system, and support the work of Sustain.

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Support our work

National organisations

If you represent a not-for-profit organisation with a national remit and have an interest in any aspect of healthy and sustainable food and farming, please consider your organisation becoming a member of the Sustain alliance. Together, we can make a real difference.

Other organisations, enterprises and individuals

Two of our initiatives have supporter networks:

In addition, Capital Growth runs a network of community food growing spaces in London.

Many other Sustain campaigns and projects have mailing lists so you can follow the progress of their work and find out how you can help.

If you have an interest in a particular area, you might also want to join one or more of the member organisations that make up the Sustain alliance.

Take action

Whether national or local; an organisation or individual, please also consider:

Buying sustainable food

Organisations can adopt our model catering policy and everyone can follow our sustainable food advice

Supporting local and sustainable suppliers
You can find all those we know on one of our maps:

Becoming a Sustainable Food City

Take specific actions
Many of our campaigns and projects have ongoing initiatives, and specific actions that you can help with, often involving you just doping something as simple as filling in your details to trigger a letter to your MP.


We're always looking for new ways to generate income to fund our work. As well as becoming a supporter of London Food Link and the Real Bread Campaign (see above) you might also want to consider making a donation* to:


You can also make a donation when you download one of our publications

*Please note that to maintain our independence, we do not take donations from profit-making companies, with private shareholders, in the food or farming industries. We are very happy to accept donations from individuals.

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Sustain advocates food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals, improve the working and living environment, promote equity and enrich society and culture.

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