A wholegrain of truth? Industrial loaf names, claims and contents

A Real Bread Campaign investigation of 'wholegrain' loaves marketed by some of the UK's highest profile industrial loaf manufacturers found one loaf that declared a miserly 6% wholemeal flour.

The report also looks at the separate term ‘wholemeal’, highlighting the Campaign’s concern that the practice of what it sees as ‘diluting’ wholemeal wheat flour with soya flour and highly refined gluten powder in ‘wholemeal’ loaves is rife amongst industrial loaf manufacturers.

Report contents



  • What this report does not do
  • Wholemeal wheat goodness
  • Why this matters

The law

  • The Bread and Flour Regulations 1998
  • Further protection
  • When is flour not flour?
  • Wholegrain
  • Floury language
  • Unwrapped loaf law leaving shoppers exposed
  • The Law: a crumb of history

Our investigation

  • Sources
  • Industry and regulators
  • Our concerns
  • Organisations

Conclusion and recommendations

  • Our findings
  • Our proposals
  • Getting better all the time…
  • Look for The Loaf Mark!

Appendix 1: The loaves
Appendix 2: Company responses
Appendix 3: Trading standards office responses

Find out more about related issues and how to join the Campaign at www.realbreadcampaign.org

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