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The Organic Targets Campaign built support through media activity. Below are links to some of its press releases throughout the campaign period:

  • 29/07/02: "Summary of the DEFRA Action Plan to develop Organic Food and Farming in England" Media Briefing (PDF 17k)
  • 29/07/02: "Government Organic Action Plan Welcomed" Press Release (PDF 12k)
  • 19/07/02: "Supermarkets Failing to Buy British Organic Produce" (PDF 21k)
  • 17/04/02: "Organic Targets Campaign Welcomes Government Commitment to Organic Action Plan" (PDF 15k)
  • 23/01/02: "Organic Targets Rally and Parliamentary Lobby" (PDF 20k)
  • 23/01/02 "Organic Rally Calls for More Government Support" (PDF 18k)
  • 21/01/02: "Top Supermarkets Back Call for More Organic Farming" (PDF 17k)
  • 20/01/02: "Londoners Urged to Support Organic Food and Farming" (PDF 25k)
  • 28/08/01: "Organic Action Plan launch" (PDF 47k)
  • 08/08/01: "Organic Myths Busted in New Report" (PDF 40k)
  • 02/06/01: "Co-op's Commitment to UK Organic Farmers Welcomed" (PDF 17k)
  • 16/05/01: "Labour Manifesto Fails on Organics" (PDF 17k)
  • 24/01/01: "Campaigners Welcome MP's Call for Organic Action Plan" (PDF 19k
  • 20/12/00: "Simon Thomas MP to Target Organics" (PDF 19k
  • 21/10/00: "Organic Targets Bill could create 16,000 new jobs" (PDF 20k)
  • 19/07/00: "Butterflies will flourish on organic farms" (PDF 21k)
  • 03/05/00: "Organic food: poor relation in Government research budget" (PDF 21k)
  • 03/03/00: "Government urged to adopt Organic Targets Bill" (PDF 24k)

Organic Sector Development: We are helping to bring the organic message to the UK consumer with the Organic. Naturally Different campaign.

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