Food analysts, academics, and campaigners working together in Oxford

There’s a showcase event for a unique organisation which brings academics and those working in food together to analyse our food system.

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photo credit: IFSTAL

photo credit: IFSTAL

The Innovative Food Systems Teaching and Learning (IFSTAL) is co-managed by the Centre for Food Policy who are a member of Sustain. This showcase event will highlight IFSTAL’s activities over the past three years. IFSTAL is an inter-disciplinary, workplace-orientated model to build the community of future researchers, practitioners, campaigners, and advocates for change.

The event is at Oxford Town Hall on 12 July 10am-4pm. You can find out more information and book your place here.


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Food and Farming Policy: Sustain encourages integration of sustainable food and farming into local, regional and national government policies.


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