‘Don’t Hide What’s Inside’

GM Freeze call for compulsory GM labelling and strict regulation on growing and importing GM crops.






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GM Freeze 'Don't Hide What's Inside'

GM Freeze 'Don't Hide What's Inside'

The twin campaigns aim to protect our food as the UK prepares to leave the EU. Safeguard our Farms calls for rigorous regulation of GM crops as well as effective measures to prevent contamination. Don’t Hide What’s Inside aims to protect our right to decide whether or not to buy and eat GM through compulsory GM food labelling.

Currently the UK’s regulations on food and farming come from the EU - including rules that require case by case environmental risk assessments and labelling of GMOs in our food.

GM Freeze, who are a member of Sustain, fear that the UK’s departure from the EU could result in enormous changes to the way we govern food and farming. Their director, Liz O’Neill said:

“Brexit brings opportunities for positive change but with so many issues competing for attention it would be easy for vital GM safeguards to be quietly dropped.”

Sustain campaigns for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU to result in a Better Food Britain.


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